Female Tapinella maculata, copyright Diane Young.

Belongs within: Nanopsocetae.

Tapinella is a widespread genus of barklice most commonly found among dead foliage and leaf litter. Members of the genus have the tarsal claws of each pair similar in form, a T-sclerite in the subgenital plate in females and finely pointed parameres in males (New & Lienhard 2007).

<==Tapinella Enderlein 1908 [Tapinellinae] L02
    |--*T. formosana Enderlein 1908 L02
    |--T. aliena (Banks 1941) [=Psylloneura aliena] M74
    |--T. baliensis Thornton 1984 NL07
    |--T. bannana Li 1992 L02
    |--T. campanesis S95
    |--T. candida S95
    |--T. castanea Pearman 1932 L98
    |--T. chamelana S95
    |--T. clypeola Thornton 1984 NL07
    |--T. columbiana Badonnel 1986 B86
    |--T. curvata Badonnel 1955 B55
    |--T. curvatoides Smithers 1995 NL07
    |--T. dichromoptera S95
    |--T. fasciata S95
    |--T. francesca S95
    |--T. fusca S95
    |--T. gamma S95
    |--T. glyptops S95
    |--T. huangi Li 2002 L02
    |--T. levuka S95
    |--T. maculata Mockford & Gurney 1956 M93
    |--T. madagascariensis S95
    |--T. mariana S95
    |--T. nebulosa Vaughan, Thornton & New 1991 NL07
    |--T. olmeca Mockford 1975 L02
    |--T. ornaticeps S95
    |--T. picticeps S95
    |--T. pictipenna Thornton, Lee & Chui 1972 NL07
    |--T. qutangxiana Li 1997 L02
    |--T. spinosa Thornton 1984 NL07
    |--T. squamosa Badonnel 1955 B55
    |--T. stenomedia S95
    |--T. trilineata S95
    |--T. tuila S95
    |--T. unicolorata S95
    `--‘Psylloneura’ williamsi MG56

*Type species of generic name indicated


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