Scolytus multistriatus, copyright Landcare Research New Zealand.

Belongs within: Scolytinae.

Scolytus is a genus of phloeophagous beetles found in Eurasia, northern Africa and the Americas (Wood 1986).

Characters (from Wood 1986): Eye oval, entire; antenna with funicle 7-segmented, club rather large, flattened; pronotum unarmed, lateral margins costate; scutellum depressed, subtriangular, apically (posteriorly) pointed; elytral bases depressed in scutellar area, appearing emarginate in median area; costal margin of elytra normal (straight) and overlapping metepisternum; protibia unarmed on lateral margin, outer apical angle extending into spine curving toward and exceeding inner apical angle, socketed denticles never present; metapleural suture descending subvertically to groove receiving groove on costal margin of elytra then turning abruptly and continuing parallel to groove to near metacoxal process; abdomen flexed upward from anterior margin of segment 2.

<==Scolytus Geoffroy 1762 (see below for synonymy) W86
    |--*S. scolytus W86 (see below for synonymy)
    |--S. claviger [=*Archaeoscolytus claviger] W86
    |--S. confusus [=Eccoptogaster confusus, *Confusoscolytus confusus] W86
    |--S. intricatus [=Eccoptogaster intricatus, *Tubuloscolytus intricatus] W86
    |--S. marawitzi [=*Pinetoscolytus marawitzi] W86
    |--S. multistriatus (Marsham 1802) B14 (see below for synonymy)
    |--S. praeceps M38
    |--S. pygmaeus [=Bostrichus pygmaeus, *Pygmaeoscolytus pygmaeus] W86
    |--S. rugulosus [=Bostrichus rugulosus, *Ruguloscolytus rugulosus] W86
    |--S. schevryrewi B14
    `--S. ventralis WL09

Scolytus Geoffroy 1762 [=Coptogaster Illiger 1807, Eccoptogaster Gyllenhal 1813, Ekkoptogaster Herbst 1793; incl. Archaeoscolytus Butovitsch 1929, Confusoscolytus Tsai, Yin & Huang 1962, Pinetoscolytus Butovitsch 1929, Pygmaeoscolytus Butovitsch 1929, Ruguloscolytus Butovitsch 1929, Scolytochelus Reitter 1913, Spinuloscolytus Butovitsch 1929, Tubuloscolytus Butovitsch 1929] W86

Scolytus multistriatus (Marsham 1802) B14 [=Ips multistriatus W86, *Scolytochelus multistriatus W86, *Spinuloscolytus multistriatus W86]

*Scolytus scolytus W86 [=Bostrichus scolytus W86, *Coptogaster scolytus W86, *Eccoptogaster scolytus W86, *Ekkoptogaster scolytus W86, Hylesinus scolytus L02]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[W86] Wood, S. L. 1986. A reclassification of the genera of Scolytidae (Coleoptera). Great Basin Naturalist Memoirs 10: 1–126.

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