Female wedge-shaped beetle Ripiphorus cf. fasciatus, copyright Karl Hillig.

Belongs within: Tenebrionoidea.

The Ripiphoridae are a group of beetles whose larvae are parasitoids of other insects.

Characters (from Lawrence & Britton 1991): Elongate, often laterally compressed and posteriorly tapered. Body often subglabrous or clothed with decumbent hairs; head may be strongly deflexed and abruptly constricted behind eyes to form neck which may or may not be visible; antenna 7- or 11-segmented, filiform, serrate, pectinate, flabellate or with single-segmented club; eyes slightly to strongly emarginate, sometimes very large; elytra may be entire and slightly dehiscent, exposing abdominal apex, or highly reduced exposing most of abdomen; fore coxae projecting, trochantins exposed or concealed, fore coxal cavities externally open, internally open or closed; mesocoxal cavities contiguous or moderately separated, laterally open; tarsal formula 5-5-4 or 4-4-4; abdomen with five to seven or nine ventrites, no ventrites connate.

    |--Ptilophorinae LB91
    |--Pelecotominae LB91
    |    |--Trigonodera marmorata LB91
    |    `--Pelecotoma MW15
    |--Hemirhipidiinae LB91
    |    |--Nephrites nitidus Shuck 1838 LB91, M86
    |    `--Sitarida LB91
    |         |--S. hopei M86
    |         `--S. scabriceps LB91
    |--Rhipidiinae LB91
    |    |--Rhipidius A71
    |    |--Riekella australis LB91
    |    |--Paranephrites xenus LB91
    |    `--Rhipidioides LB91
    |         |--R. helenae LB91
    |         `--R. rubricatus LB91
    `--Ripiphorinae B14
         |--Ripiphorus B14
         |    |--R. fasciatus A71
         |    |--R. paradoxus L02
         |    |--R. subdipterus A71
         |    `--R. vierecki (Fall 1907) B14
         `--Macrosiagonini B14
              |--Metoecus paradoxus B14, A71
              `--Macrosiagon B14
                   |--M. limbatum (Fabricius 1781) B14
                   `--M. lineare BM76

Ripiphoridae incertae sedis:
  Rhipistena lugubris Sharp 1878 H82
  Evaniocera M86
    |--E. boryi Lucas 1847 E12
    |--E. gerstackeri Macleay 1872 M86
    |--E. nervosa (Gerstäck 1855) [=Ptilophorus nervosus] M86
    `--E. pruinosa (Gerstäck 1855) [=Ptilophorus pruinosus] M86
  Pirhidius MW15
  Pelecotomoides M86
    |--P. conicollis M86
    |--P. gerstackeri Macleay 1872 M86
    |--P. lutea (Gerstäck 1855) [=Trigonodera lutea] M86
    |--P. marmorata B70
    |--P. mastersi Macleay 1872 M86
    |--P. nuda (Gerstäck 1855) [=Trigonodera nuda] M86
    |--P. senilis (Gerstäck 1855) [=Trigonodera senilis] M86
    `--P. sericea (Gerstäck 1855) [=Trigonodera sericea] M86
  Euctenia sericea Gerstäck 1855 M86
  Emenadia M86
    |--E. luteipennis Macleay 1872 M86
    |--E. maculicollis Bohem. 1858 M86
    |--E. novaehollandiae Gerstäck 1855 M86
    |--E. sobrina Waterh. 1883 M86
    `--E. tricolor Gerstäck 1855 M86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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