Cryptophilus integer, copyright Udo Schmidt.

Belongs within: Cucujoidea.

The Cryptophilinae are a group of saprophagous or mycophagous beetles mostly found amongst leaf litter (Leschen 2003).

Characters (from Leschen 2003): Mandible usually with subapical serrations; lacinia with one or no lacinial spines; mentum lacking lateral pockets, usually with medial carina; apical labial palpomere as wide as or wider than long, usually not securiform; ligular membrane as wide or wider than prementum; transverse gular line usually present as shallow groove (rarely absent or deep); antennal insertion hidden in dorsal view; supraocular line usually present to level above eye; vertex of head commonly with stridulatory file; pronotum usually not strongly constricted at base; anterior angles of pronotum poorly or well developed; anterior margin of pronotum usually serrate; pronotal pits usually present; procoxal cavity internally closed, usually open behind or closed by hypomeron, edge of hypomeron usually smooth; mesometaventral articulation, if present, dicondylic; width of mesoventral process usually less than coxa; submesocoxal lines usually absent; abdominal ventrites 1 and 2 usually free; abdominal calli present; metafurcal lamina usually absent with median stalk of metendosternite poorly or well developed; spermatheca rounded or elongate; apical pit of spermatheca usually absent; accessory gland of spermatheca usually present; tarsomere 1 usually longer than tarsomere 2 and 3; tarsomere 4 usually exposed in ventral view; tarsal shelf of tarsomere 5 usually absent; empodium with one or two setae; elytral punctation striate or confused with scutellary striole absent; elytra usually narrowly explanate; hind with with radial cell and wedge cell absent.

<==Cryptophilinae [Cryptophilidae]
    |--Empocryptini L03
    |    |--Lobosternum clavicorna L03
    |    `--+--Lepidotoramus grouvellei L03
    |       `--Empocryptus Sharp 1900 L03
    |            `--E. ovalis L03
    `--+--Toramini [Toraminae] L03
       |    |--+--Loberoschema bimaculata L03
       |    |  `--Stengita L03
       |    `--+--Atomarops L03
       |       |    |--A. curvitibialis L03
       |       |    `--A. lewisi L03
       |       `--Toramus L03
       |            |--‘Tomarops’ bimaculatus L03
       |            |--T. hirtellus L03
       |            `--‘Tomarops’ longitarsis L03
       `--Cryptophilini [Xenoscelinini] L03
            |  i. s.: Chinophagus Ljubarsky 1997 L03
            |--Brachypterosa peckorum L03
            `--+--+--Crowsonguptus mexicanus L03
               |  `--Cryptophilus Reitter 1874 [incl. Tomarops Grouvelle 1903] L03
               |       |--*C. integer (Heer 1841) [=Cryptophagus integer] L03
               |       |--C. allotrius [=Cryptophagops allotrius] L03
               |       |--C. leonensis [=Cryptophagops leonensis] L03
               |       |--C. mnionomoides [=Cryptophagops mniomonoides] L03
               |       `--*Tomarops’ punctatus Grouvelle 1903 L03
               `--+--Cathartocryptus Sharp 1886 [incl. Xenoscelinus Grouvelle 1910] L03
                  |    |--C. maculosus (Broun 1881) (see below for synonymy) L03
                  |    `--*Xenoscelinus’ malaicus Grouvelle 1910 L03
                  `--Loberopsyllus L03
                       |--L. explanatus Leschen & Ashe 1999 B14
                       |--L. halffteri B14
                       |--L. oculatus L03
                       `--L. traubi B14

Cathartocryptus maculosus (Broun 1881) [=Paramecosoma maculosa, Xenoscelinus maculosus; incl. *C. obscurus Sharp 1886] L03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B14] Bouchard, P. (ed.) 2014. The Book of Beetles: A lifesize guide to six hundred of nature's gems. Ivy Press: Lewes (United Kingdom).

[L03] Leschen, R. A. B. 2003. Erotylidae (Insecta: Coleoptera: Cucujoidea): phylogeny and review. Fauna of New Zealand 47: 1–108.

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