Cossonus linearis, copyright Siga.

Belongs within: Curculionidae.

The Cossoninae are a group of elongate-bodied weevils that are borers in dead or dying wood (Marvaldi & Lanteri 2005).

Characters (from Marvaldi & Lanteri 2005): Body elongate, parallel-sided, depressed. Rostrum often shorter than prothorax. All legs usually with uncinate tibiae; front tibiae with grooming device consisting of long comb of setae on apical third to half; hind tibiae lacking apical comb of setae. Tarsite 3 as wide as tarsite 2.

<==Cossoninae [Cossonides] GC-P14
    |--Acamptini B14
    |    |--Acamptella B14
    |    |--Trachodisca B14
    |    |--Pseudacamptopsis B14
    |    |--Acamptopsis B14
    |    |--Choerorrhynchus B14
    |    |--Menares B14
    |    |--Prionarthrus B14
    |    `--Acamptus [incl. Glyphostethus] Z93
    |         |--A. cancellatus B14
    |         `--A. rigidus LeConte 1876 B14
    |--Cossonini M94
    |    |--Mesites Schoenherr 1838 M94
    |    |    |--*M. pallidipennis Boheman 1837 M94, HF03
    |    |    `--M. cunipes Boheman 1837 HF03
    |    `--Cossonus D09
    |         |--C. albertisi Pascoe 1885 Mas86
    |         |--C. basalis Pascoe 1885 Mac86
    |         |--C. excavatus Pascoe 1885 Mas86
    |         |--C. fossatus ML05
    |         |--C. impressifrons Boheman 1838 D09
    |         |--C. indigens Pascoe 1885 Mas86
    |         |--C. linearis L02
    |         |--C. praeustus Mas86
    |         `--C. simsoni LB91
    |--Pentarthrum Wollaston 1854 [Pentarthrini] M94
    |    |--*P. huttoni Wollaston 1854 M94
    |    |--P. elumbe GC-P14
    |    |--P. helmsianum H15
    |    |--P. nigrum Woll. 1873 Mas86
    |    `--P. zealandicum Wollaston 1873 M94
    |--Araucariini M94
    |    |--Araucarius GE05
    |    `--Xenocnema Wollaston 1873 M94
    |         `--*X. spinipes Wollaston 1873 M94
    `--Rhyncolini M94
         |--Rhyncolus knowltoni W86
         `--Phloeophagosoma Wollaston 1873 M94
              |--*P. minutum Wollaston 1873 M94
              |--P. aesculi M94
              |--P. tenuis M94
              `--P. thoracicum Wollaston 1874 M94

Cossoninae incertae sedis:
  Choerorhinus squalidus Fairmaire 1857 HF03
  Pselactus spadix (Herbst 1795) HF03
  Pseudomimus avocadi Folwaczny 1973 HF03
  Phoenomerus exilis Pascoe 1872 Mas86
  Notiomimetes pascoei Woll. 1873 Mas86
  Cossonideus Mas86
    |--C. lineola (Fabricius 1775) [=Curculio lineola] Z93
    `--C. pascoei Woll. 1873 Mas86
  Halorhynchus caecus Woll. 1873 Mas86
  Thaumastophasis oculatus Woll. 1873 Mas86
  Stereomimetes crassicornis Woll. 1873 Mas86
  Notiosomus Mas86
    |--N. australis Woll. 1873 Mas86
    |--N. congener Woll. 1873 Mas86
    `--N. major Woll. 1873 Mas86
  Homalotrogus arctatus Pascoe 1885 Mas86
  Aphanocorynes depressus Woll. 1873 Mas86
  Pentamimus Mas86
    |--P. canaliculatus Woll. 1873 Mas86
    |--P. rhyncholiformis Woll. 1873 Mas86
    `--P. suffusus Woll. 1873 Mas86
  Isotrogus bilineatus Pascoe 1885 Mas86
  Hyponotus subpubescens Woll. 1873 Mas86
  Orthotemnus disparilis Pascoe 1885 Mas86
  Stereoborus inductus Pascoe 1885 Mas86
  Dryotribus Z93
  Aphyoda Z93
  Himatium [incl. Caulosomus] Z93
  Eiratus M94
  Exeiratus M94

*Type species of generic name indicated


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