Agapanthia villosoviridescens, copyright H. Krisp.

Belongs within: Cerambycidae.

The Agapanthiini are a group of lamiine beetles characterised by elongate, narrow bodies and particularly long, sometimes fringed antennae (Bouchard 2014).

<==Agapanthiini [Hippopsinae, Hippopsini] B14
    |--*Aulaconotus pachypezoides Thomson 1864 B14
    |--Nyctimene agriloides P66
    |--Tetraglenes insignis P66
    |--Pothyne P66
    |--Eucomatocera P66
    |--Euthuorus P66
    |--Spalacopsis P66
    |--Dorcasta P66
    `--Agapanthia C01
         |--A. daurica Ganglbauer 1884 I92
         |--A. japonica Kano 1933 I92
         |--A. lixoides Lucas 1847 E12
         |--A. sakaii Hayashi 1982 I92
         `--A. villosoviridescens C01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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