Pristoderus antarcticus, copyright Udo Schmidt.

Belongs within: Tenebrionoidea.

The Zopheridae, ironclad beetles, are a group of beetles usually found living under bark of dead or dying trees. Most feed on decaying plant tissue or fungi but species of the genus Nematidium are predators of the larvae of wood-boring weevils (Bouchard 2014).

Characters (from Ironclad ID): Antenna 9–11 segmented with a usually abrupt, 1–3 segmented club; antennal insertions concealed from above; mesocoxal cavities closed; trochanters heteromeroid; tarsal formula 4-4-4 or 5-5-4; male genitalia with tenebrionoid aedeagus.

Zopheridae B14
    |--Zopherinae B14
    |    |--Usechini B14
    |    |    |--Usechus B14
    |    |    `--Usechimorpha B14
    |    |         |--U. barberi B14
    |    |         `--U. montanus Doyen & Lawrence 1979 B14
    |    `--Zopherini B14
    |         |--Zopherus chilensis Gray 1832 B14
    |         |--Zopher B14
    |         |--Zopherosis georgii White 1859 B14, M86
    |         `--Scoriaderma B14
    `--Colydiinae [Colydiidae] B14
         |  i. s.: Enarsus WH02
         |         Ditoma crenata C01 [=Colydium (Didoma) crenatum G20]
         |         Rhopalocerus LB91
         |         Sparactus elongatus LB91
         |         Pseudendestes LB91
         |           |--P. australis LB91
         |           `--P. robertsi LB91
         |         Todima LB91
         |         Ablabus LB91
         |         Dryptops LB91
         |         Nematidium [Nematidiini] B14
         |           `--N. filiforme LeConte 1863 B14
         |         Monoedus [incl. Adimerus] RD77
         |         Colydium elongatum G20
         |--Phellopsis MW15
         `--+--Pycnomerus helmsi MW15, H15
            `--Synchitini B14
                 |--Syncalus B14
                 |--Isotarphius B14
                 `--Pristoderus MW15
                      |--P. antarcticus (White 1846) B14
                      |--P. plagiatus (Broun 1911) E02
                      `--P. saccharatus (Pascoe 1870) [=Byrsax saccharatus] MB08

Zopheridae incertae sedis:
  Notocoxelus E02
  Heterargus ED04
  Cotulades LB91
    |--C. fascicularis Pascoe 1860 M86
    |--C. funerosa Hope 1845 M86
    `--C. leucospila Hope 1845 M86
  Latometus pubescens Erichs. 1842 LB91, M86
  Docalis LB91
    |--D. degener Pascoe 1860 M86
    `--D. exoletus Pascoe 1860 M86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 12 November 2020.

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