Pristoderus antarcticus, copyright Udo Schmidt.

Belongs within: Tenebrionoidea.

The Zopheridae, ironclad beetles, are a group of beetles usually found living under bark of dead or dying trees.

Characters (from Ironclad ID): Antenna 9–11 segmented with a usually abrupt, 1–3 segmented club; antennal insertions concealed from above; mesocoxal cavities closed; trochanters heteromeroid; tarsal formula 4-4-4 or 5-5-4; male genitalia with tenebrionoid aedeagus.

Zopheridae B14
    |--Zopherinae B14
    |    |--Usechini B14
    |    |    |--Usechus B14
    |    |    `--Usechimorpha B14
    |    |         |--U. barberi B14
    |    |         `--U. montanus Doyen & Lawrence 1979 B14
    |    `--Zopherini B14
    |         |--Zopherus chilensis Gray 1823 B14
    |         |--Zopher B14
    |         |--Zopherosis georgii White 1859 B14, M86
    |         `--Scoriaderma B14
    `--Colydiinae [Colydiidae] B14
         |  i. s.: Enarsus WH02
         |         Ditoma crenata C01
         |         Rhopalocerus LB91
         |         Sparactus elongatus LB91
         |         Pseudendestes LB91
         |           |--P. australis LB91
         |           `--P. robertsi LB91
         |         Todinia LB91
         |         Ablabus LB91
         |         Dryptops LB91
         |         Nematidium [Nematidiini] B14
         |           `--N. filiforme LeConte 1863 B14
         |--Phellopsis MW15
         `--+--Pycnomerus helmsi MW15, H15
            `--Synchitini B14
                 |--Syncalus B14
                 |--Isotarphius B14
                 `--Pristoderus MW15
                      |--P. antarcticus (White 1846) B14
                      |--P. plagiatus (Broun 1911) E02
                      `--P. saccharatus (Pascoe 1870) [=Byrsax saccharatus] MB08

Zopheridae incertae sedis:
  Notocoxelus E02
  Heterargus ED04
  Cotulades LB91
    |--C. fascicularis Pascoe 1860 M86
    |--C. funerosa Hope 1845 M86
    `--C. leucospila Hope 1845 M86
  Latometus pubescens Erichs. 1842 LB91, M86
  Docalis LB91
    |--D. degener Pascoe 1860 M86
    `--D. exoletus Pascoe 1860 M86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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