Dorsal and lateral views of Notomacer araucariae, from Legalov (2017). Scale bar = 1 mm.

Belongs within: Coleoptera.

The Nemonychidae, pine flower weevils, are a group of weevils with larvae feeding on pollen of conifers. Adults are distinguished from other weevils by the combination of a free labrum, visible at the level of the clypeus, together with a pronotum lacking lateral carinae, narrowly separated mid coxae and all free abdominal ventrites.

<==Nemonychidae [Eobelidae, Rhinomaceridae, Rhinomacerides] B14
    |  i. s.: Brenthorrhinus mirabilis P02
    |         Pagomacer M94
    |         Nannomacer M94
    |         Rhynchitomacer M94
    |         Eobelus longipes RJ93
    |--Nemonyx [Nemonychinae] MW15
    |    `--N. lepturoides M94
    |--Cimberidinae GC-P14
    |    |--Doydirhynchus austriacus GC-P14
    |    `--Cimberis B14 [incl. Rhinomacer RD77]
    |         |--C. attelaboides B14
    |         |--C. australiae [=Rhinomacer australiae] B70
    |         |--‘Rhinomacer’ curculionoides L02
    |         |--C. decipiens B14
    |         |--C. elongata (LeConte 1876) B14
    |         |--C. pallipennis B14
    |         `--C. pilosa M94
    `--Rhynorhynchinae MW15
         |  i. s.: Rhynchitomacerinus MW15
         |--Rhinorhynchini Z94
         |    |--Auletanus Z94
         |    |--Auletulus Z94
         |    |--Salacus Z94
         |    |--*Basiliogeus prasinus M94
         |    |--*Basiliorhinus araucariae M94
         |    `--Rhinorhynchus [=Listrorhinus] Z94
         |         `--*R. rufulus [=Rhinomacer rufulus, *Listrorhinus rufulus; incl. Rhinorhynchus zealandicus] Z94
         `--Mecomacerini B14
              |--Brarus mystes Kuschel 1997 B14
              |--Mecomacer B14
              |--Araucomacer B14
              |--*Aragomacer leai M94
              |--*Eutactobius puellus M94
              |--Bunyaeus M94
              |    |--*B. monteithi M94
              |    `--B. eutactae M94
              `--Notomacer M94
                   |--*N. araucariae M94
                   |--N. australiae M94
                   |--N. barbatulus M94
                   |--N. caledonicus M94
                   |--N. reginae M94
                   |--N. uniformis M94
                   `--N. zimmermani M94

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 15 November 2020.

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