Holotype of Plutonesthes crocata, copyright Larry G. Bezark.

Belongs within: Cerambycidae.

The Rhinotragini are a group of longicorn beetles that are commonly mimetic of other insects such as wasps, with the elytra medially waisted to partially expose the body at the sides.

<==Rhinotragini [Rhinotraginae] B14
    |--Artimpaza odontoceroides P66
    |--Cleomenes P66
    |--Acyphoderes P66
    |--Disaulax P66
    |--Isthmiade braconides (Perty 1832) B14
    |--Epianthe Pascoe 1866 P66
    |    `--*E. viridis Pascoe 1866 P66
    |--Mydasta Pascoe 1866 P66
    |    `--*M. discoidea Pascoe 1866 P66
    |--Sestyra Pascoe 1866 P66
    |    `--*S. cephalotes Pascoe 1866 P66
    |--Mimistena Pascoe 1866 P66
    |    `--*M. femorata Pascoe 1866 P66
    `--Plutonesthes P66
         |--P. crocata Pascoe 1866 P66
         `--P. rufipennis P66

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B14] Bouchard, P. (ed.) 2014. The Book of Beetles: A lifesize guide to six hundred of nature's gems. Ivy Press: Lewes (United Kingdom).

[P66] Pascoe, F. P. 1866. Catalogue of longicorn Coleoptera collected in the island of Penang by James Lamb, Esq. Part II. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1866: 504–536.

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