Clytrasoma balyi, from Agrain et al. (2015).

Belongs within: Chrysomeloidea.

The Clytrini are a group of leaf beetles whose larvae are commonly found in association with ant nests. Members of this group have a kotpresse usually composed of five sclerites with a flat central plate accompanied by two lateral sclerites with broadened horizontal terminations, and two well separated ventral sclerites with large apodemes (Schöller & Witte 2007).

<==Clytrini [Clytrinae] SW07
    |  i. s.: Diapericera Lacordaire 1848 [Eoclytrina] SW07
    |         Coleothorpa dominicana (Fabricius 1801) [=Coscinoptera dominicana] SW07
    |         Anomoea C68
    |--Coptocephala unifasciata (Scopoli 1763) SW07 [incl. C. unifasciata var. gebleri C01]
    `--+--Clytra SW07
       |    |  i. s.: C. laeviuscula (Ratzeburg 1837) SW07
       |    `--C. (Clytra) B14
       |         |--C. (C.) aliena B14
       |         `--C. (C.) quadripunctata (Linnaeus 1758) B14
       `--+--+--Tituboea sexmaculata (Fabricius 1781) SW07
          |  `--+--Lachnaia paradoxa (Olivier 1808) SW07
          |     `--+--Macrolenes Chevrolat 1837 SW07
          |        |    `--M. dentipes (Olivier 1808) SW07
          |        `--Labidostomis Germar 1817 SW07
          |             |--L. bipunctata (Mannerheim 1825) SW07
          |             `--L. sibirica C01
          `--+--Smaragdina limbata (Stéven 1806) SW07
             `--Clytrasoma Jacoby 1908 SW07
                  |--C. (Clytrasoma) SW07
                  |    |--*C. (C.) palliatum (Fabricius 1801) (see below for synonymy) SW07
                  |    |--C. (C.) balyi Monrós 1953 [incl. Clytra distiguenda Baly 1865, Clytrasoma distiguendum] SW07
                  |    |--C. (C.) bistripunctatum Medvedev 1999 SW07
                  |    |--C. (C.) brivioi Takizawa 1990 SW07
                  |    |--C. (C.) celebensis Medvedev 1999 SW07
                  |    |--C. (C.) conformis (Lacordaire 1848) (see below for synonymy) SW07
                  |    |--C. (C.) laosensis Pic 1928 SW07
                  |    |--C. (C.) laysi Medvedev 2002 SW07
                  |    |--C. (C.) maschwitzi Schöller in Schöller & Witte 2007 SW07
                  |    |--C. (C.) mediofasciatum Pic 1934 SW07
                  |    |--C. (C.) mohamedsaidi Medvedev 1999 SW07
                  |    |--C. (C.) nathani Pic 1943 SW07
                  |    `--C. (C.) tonkineum Pic 1934 SW07
                  `--C. (Clytromorpha Achard 1920) SW07
                       |--C. (*C.) decumanum (Illiger 1800) (see below for synonymy) SW07
                       |--C. (C.) aequinoctialis (Lacordaire 1848) (see below for synonymy) SW07
                       |--C. (C.) annulipes Pic 1952 SW07
                       |--C. (C.) connectens (Jacoby 1895) [=Clytra connectens] SW07
                       `--C. (C.) militaris (Jacoby 1895) (see below for synonymy) SW07      

Clytrasoma (Clytrasoma) conformis (Lacordaire 1848) [=Clythra conformis; incl. Clytrasoma conformis var. octomaculatum Pic 1932] SW07

*Clytrasoma (Clytrasoma) palliatum (Fabricius 1801) [=Clythra palliata, Clytra palliata; incl. Clytrasoma ceylonensis Jacoby 1908, Clytrasoma donckieri Pic 1932, Clytrasoma gibbosum (Vigors 1826), Clytrasoma marginatum Pic 1932, Clytrasoma quadrisignatum Pic 1937, Clytrasoma palliatum var. reductum Pic 1932, Clytrasoma palliatum var. rufithorax Pic 1932, Clytrasoma palliatum var. subobliterarum Pic 1932, Clytra palliata ab. transversum Illiger 1802] SW07

Clytrasoma (Clytromorpha) aequinoctialis (Lacordaire 1848) [=Clytra aequinoctialis; incl. Clytrasoma aequinoctialis var. favareli Achard 1920, Clytrasoma aequinoctialis var. inhumeralis Achard 1920] SW07

Clytrasoma (*Clytromorpha) decumanum (Illiger 1800) [=Clytra decumana; incl. Clytrasoma decumanum ab. anthracinum Achard 1920, Clytrasoma decumanum ab. conjugatum Achard 1920, Clytromorpha decumana var. crampeli Pic 1932, Clytrasoma decumanum ab. inapicalis Achard 1920, Clytrasoma decumanum ab. jacobyi Achard 1920, Clytrasoma decumanum ab. lacordairei Achard 1920, Clytrasoma decumanum ab. nigerrimum Achard 1920] SW07

Clytrasoma (Clytromorpha) militaris (Jacoby 1895) [=Clytra militaris; incl. Clytrasoma militaris var. jacobyi Pic 1952] SW07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[SW07] Schöller, M., & V. Witte. 2007. A review of the genus Clytrasoma Jacoby 1908, with description of a new species collected within a Camponotus sp. ant-nest (Insecta: Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae; Hymenoptera, Formicidae). Senckenbergiana Biologica 87 (1): 51–61.

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