Platypus cylindrus, copyright Udo Schmidt.

Belongs within: Dryophthoridae.

The Platypodinae, ambrosia beetles, are a family of beetles in which the majority of species feed on fungi growing in the tunnels they bore in dead wood. The Australian species Austroplatypus incompertus is eusocial, forming multi-generational colonies with a single breeding female tended by non-breeding workers (Bouchard 2014). Members of the tribe Tesserocerini retain a distinct galea and lacinia on the maxilla whereas these elements are fused in the Platypodini.

<==Platypodinae [Platypodidae]
    |--Tesserocerini GC-P14
    |    |--Tesserocerus insignis W86
    |    `--Diapus GC-P14
    |         |--D. furtivus RD77
    |         `--D. unispineus GC-P14
    `--Platypodini B14
         |--Austroplatypus incompertus (Schedl 1968) B14
         `--Platypus Herbst 1793 M94
              |--*P. cylindrus M94 [=Bostrichus cylindrus M94, Hylurgus (Platypus) cylindricus G20]
              |--P. apicalis M94
              |--P. australis Chapuis 1865 M94
              |--P. caliculus B88
              |--P. caviceps M94
              |--P. compositus M94
              |--P. crenatus Chap. 1866 M87
              |--P. geminatus Chap. 1866 M87
              |--P. gracilis M94
              |--P. parallelus Chapuis 1865 M94
              |--P. solidus Z94
              |--P. subgranosus LB91
              `--P. sulcatus M94

Platypodinae incertae sedis:
  Chaetastus tuberculatus W86
  Periommatus bispinus W86
  Scolytotarsus W86
  Crossotarsus M94
    |--C. barbatus B88
    |--C. kuntzeni B88
    `--C. omnivorus LB91
  Doliopygus M94
    |--D. chapuisi W86
    `--D. dubius M94
  Trachyostus aterrimus M94
  Megaplatypus mutatus ML05
  Mitosoma chapuisi R13
  Spathidicerus thomsoni R13

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 16 November 2020.

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