Caelostomus picipes, copyright Roman Dudko.

Belongs within: Harpalinae.
Contains: Notonomus, Abacetus.

The Pterostichini are a group of mostly mid-sized, relatively stout ground beetles, with antennae that are setose from the fourth segment onwards.

Pterostichini B90
    |--Cyrtolaus L88
    `--+--Barylaus L88
       `--Caelostomus Macleay 1825 LM87 [incl. Stomonaxus Motschulsky 1860 LM87; Caelostomi L88]
            |--*C. picipes (Macleay 1825) (see below for synonymy) LM87
            |--C. albertisi Straneo 1938 LM87
            `--C. subsinuatus (Chaudoir 1883) [=Drimostoma subsinuata] LM87

Pterostichini incertae sedis:
  Pterostichus B90
    |--P. anthracinus C01
    |--P. chalcites [=Poecilus chalcites] BB68
    |--P. cupreus (Linnaeus 1758) VPB11
    |--P. dilutipes C01
    |--P. eschscholtzii C01
    |--P. honestus B90
    |--P. madidus (Fabricius 1775) VPB11
    |--P. melanarius (Illiger 1798) VPB11
    |--P. metallicus FFB88
    |--P. (Piesmus) monedulus B90
    |--P. niger C01
    |--P. nigrita (Paykull 1790) VPB11
    |--P. oblongopunctatus C01
    |--P. pumilio FFB88
    |--P. vitreus C01
    `--P. vulgaris C01
  Synuchus B90
  Calathus B90
    |--C. ambiguus [incl. C. ambiguus var. dilutus] C01
    `--C. opacus Lucas 1846 E12
  Myas B90
  Oxycrepis ulkei B90
  Evarthrus B90
    |--E. gravesi B90
    `--E. sodalis BB68
  Abacidus B90
  Olisthopus B90
  Atranus pubescens B90
  Notonomus LB91
  Abacetus LB91

*Caeolostomus picipes (Macleay 1825) [=Anaulacus (*Caelostomus) picipes; incl. Drimostoma rufipes Boheman 1858, Caelostomus striaticollis Chaudoir 1872] LM87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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