Platylabus rufus, copyright Marko Mutanen.

Belongs within: Ichneumonidae.

The Platylabini are a group of ichneumonid wasps that parasitise geometroid moths, particularly Geometridae (Gauld 1984).

Characters (from Gauld 1984): Clypeus convex; speculum punctate; propodeal apophyses present; petiole dorsally flatted, O-shaped in cross-section, usually with carina between tergite and sternite; apex of gaster usually truncated.

<==Platylabini G84
    |--Neolevansa Gauld 1984 G84
    |    `--*N. hirsuta Gauld 1984 G84
    |--Pristiceros Gravenhorst 1829 [incl. Neopristiceros Heinrich 1961, Pristicerops Heinrich 1962] G84
    |    |--*P. serrarius G84
    |    |--‘Platylabus’ bakeri [=*Pristicerops bakeri] G84
    |    `--‘Ichneumon’ lascivus [=*Neopristiceros lascivus] G84
    |--Platylabus Wesmael 1844 (see below for synonymy) G84
    |    |--*P. rufus G84
    |    |--P. altitudinis G84
    |    |--*Lamprojoppa’ caerulea G84
    |    |--*Pagarenes’ erythropus G84
    |    |--*Pyramidophorus’ flavoguttatus G84
    |    |--*Pachyjoppa’ tibialis G84
    |    `--*Chlorojoppa’ viridis G84
    `--Notoplatylabus birmanicus Heinrich 1974 NI11

Platylabus Wesmael 1844 [incl. Chlorojoppa Cameron 1907, Lamprojoppa Cameron 1901, Pachyjoppa Cameron 1901, Pagarenes Cameron 1903, Pyramidophorus Tischbein 1882] G84

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G84] Gauld, I. D. 1984. An Introduction to the Ichneumonidae of Australia. British Museum (Natural History).

[NI11] Norhafiza, A. F., & A. B. Idris. 2011. A catalogue of Ichneumoninae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) from Malaysia. Serangga 16 (1): 29–50.

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