Aleochara curtula, copyright U. Schmidt.

Belongs within: Aleocharini.

Aleochara is a genus of aleocharine staphylinids characterised by a partially concealed head and five-segmented tarsi with the first segment much longer than the second. They are commonly associated with decaying matter (Olliff 1886).

Characters (from Olliff 1886): Mentum very short, narrowed and slightly emarginate in front. Ligula very short, broad, bifid. Maxillary palpi 5-segmented, the second and third segment subequal, the fifth very small. Labial palpi 4-segmented, the first segment longer than the others, the fourth very small. Mandibles unarmed. Labrum transverse, truncate in front. Head ovate, retracted, not narrowed behind. Antennae short, thickened towards the extremity, 1st, 2nd and 3rd segments elongate, the following, with the exception of the 11th, transverse. Prothorax broadly transverse, narrowed in front, rounded at the sides. Elytra slightly rounded behind. Abdomen either parallel-sided or narrowed behind. Legs rather short; intermediate coxae somewhat remote; tarsi 5:5:5, first segment of posterior pair distinctly longer than 2nd.

Aleochara Gravenhorst 1802 O86
    |--A. actae Olliff 1886 O86
    |--A. analis (Macleay 1871) [=Oxypoda analis] O86
    |--A. asiatica O86
    |--A. baliola Olliff 1886 O86
    |--A. bilineata P91
    |--A. bipunctata C01
    |--A. bisulcata (Redt. 1867) [=Oxypoda bisulcata] O86
    |--A. brachialis Jekel 1873 O86
    |--A. crassiuscula G89
    |--A. croceipennis Motschulsky 1858 [incl. A. maculipennis Kraatz 1859, A. sanguinipennis Kraatz 1859] O86
    |--A. curtula (Goeze 1777) M04
    |--A. fuscipes O86
    |--A. haemorrhoidalis O86
    |--A. insuavis Olliff 1886 O86
    |--A. lata Gravenhorst 1802 M04
    |--A. marginata Fauvel 1877 O86
    |--A. mastersi Macleay 1871 O86
    |--A. moesta C01
    |--A. nitida C01
    |--A. (Isochara) perturbans Fenyes 1921 F21
    |--A. puberula Klug 1883 [incl. A. armitagei Wollaston 1854, A. decorata Aubé 1850, A. dubia Fauvel 1863] O86
    |--A. punctum Fauvel 1878 O86
    |--A. scutellaris Lucas 1846 E12
    |--A. semirubra Fauvel 1877 O86
    |--A. speculifera Erichson 1842 O86
    |--A. subaenea ED04
    |--A. tristis C01
    `--A. vicina Olliff 1886 O86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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