Acylophorus pratensis, copyright Richard Migneault.

Belongs within: Staphylininae.
Contains: Amblyopinina, Cyrtoquediina, Indoquedius, Quedius, Philonthina, Staphylinina.

The Staphylinini are a cosmopolitan group of relatively large staphylinid beetles, including the rove beetles that are the most familiar members of the family. Representatives of the Staphylinini have antennae inserted closer to the eyes than to each other, a well developed apical maxillary palpomere, a relatively wide neck (if any), and no separate sclerotised plate anterior to the prosternum (Newton et al. 2001). A major clade within the group has been referred to as the 'Staphylinini propria', members of which are often distinguished by a dorsal basal ridge on the head capsule, a complete fusion of the pronotum and prosternum inside the procoxal cavity, and a transverse ridge on the hind coxa (Brunke et al. 2016).

Staphylinini [Quediini]
    |  i. s.: Valdiviodes BC16
    |         Alesiella BC16
    |         Quediomacrus BC16
    |         Lonia BC16
    |         Quelaestrygon BC16
    |         Strouhalium gracilicorne BC16
    |--Cretoquedius BC16
    `--+--Atanygnathus Jacobson 1909 NT01 (see below for synonymy)
       |    `--A. acuminatus BC16
       `--+--Antimerus punctipennis BC16
          |--+--Afroquedius sexpunctatus BC16
          |  `--Amblyopinina BC16
          `--+--Cyrtoquediina BC16
             `--+--+--Erichsonius Fauvel 1874 NT01 (see below for synonymy)
                |  |    |--E. nanus BC16
                |  |    `--E. patella N90
                |  `--Acylophorina BC16
                |       |  i. s.: Australotarsius grandis BC16
                |       |         Acylohsellus BC16
                |       |         Stevensia longipennis BC16
                |       |--Hemiquedius Casey 1915 BC16, NT01
                |       |    `--H. ferox (LeConte 1878) NT01
                |       `--+--Anaquedius Casey 1915 BC16, NT01
                |          |    `--A. vernix (LeConte 1878) NT01
                |          `--+--+--Anchocerus BC16
                |             |  `--Paratolmerus siamensis BC16
                |             `--Acylophorus Nordmann 1837 BC16, NT01 (see below for synonymy)
                |                  |--A. capensis BC16
                |                  |--A. pratensis BC16
                |                  `--A. wagenschieberi BC16
                `--+--Indoquedius BC16
                   `--+--Quediina BC16
                      |    |--Quedius BC16
                      |    |--Pseudorientis BC16
                      |    |--Velleiopsis BC16
                      |    `--Beeria Hatch 1957 NT01
                      |         `--B. nematocera (Casey 1915) [incl. B. punctata Hatch 1957] NT01
                      `--Staphylinini propria BC16
                           |  i. s.: Eucibdelus BC16
                           |         Ioma BC16
                           |         Weiserianum BC16
                           |         Haematodes BC16
                           |         Euristus BC16
                           |--+--Philothalpus BC16
                           |  |    |--P. bilobus BC16
                           |  |    `--P. falini BC16
                           |  `--Xanthopygina BC16
                           |       |  i. s.: Gastrisus Sharp 1876 NT01
                           |       |         Trigonopselaphus Gemminger & Harold 1868 (see below for synonymy) NT01
                           |       |--+--Isanopus sallaei BC16
                           |       |  `--+--Nordus fungicola BC16
                           |       |     `--Plociopterus BC16
                           |       `--+--Glenus flohri BC16
                           |          `--Xanthopygus Kraatz 1857 BC16, GN09 (see below for synonymy)
                           |               |--X. chapareanus BC16
                           |               `--X. xanthopygus Nordmann 1837 [incl. X. cacti Horn 1868] NT01
                           `--+--+--Philonthina BC16
                              |  `--Algon BC16
                              |       |--A. hollowayae BC16
                              |       `--A. oculatus BC16
                              `--+--Staphylinina BC16
                                 `--Anisolinina BC16
                                      |--+--Misantlius gebieni BC16
                                      |  `--Hesperosoma pederseni BC16
                                      `--+--Tolmerinus BC16
                                         `--+--Tympanophorus Nordmann 1837 BC16, NT01
                                            |    |--T. concolor Sharp 1884 NT01
                                            |    `--T. puncticollis Erichson 1840 (see below for synonymy) NT01
                                            `--+--Anisolinus BC16
                                               `--Pammegus ruficollis BC16

Acylophorus Nordmann 1837 BC16, NT01 [incl. Amacylophorus Smetana 1971 NT01, Palpacylophorus Smetana 1971 NT01]

Atanygnathus Jacobson 1909 NT01 [incl. Tanygnathinus Reitter 1909 NT01, Tanygnathus Erichson 1839 non Wagler 1832 NT01; Tanygnathinina BC16]

Erichsonius Fauvel 1874 NT01 [incl. Actobius Fauvel 1876 NT01, Sectophilonthus Tottenham 1949 NT01; Erichsoniina BC16]

Trigonopselaphus Gemminger & Harold 1868 [incl. Trigonophorus Nordmann 1837 nec Stephens 1829 nec Solier 1851] NT01

Tympanophorus puncticollis Erichson 1840 [incl. Xanthopygus borealis Hatch 1957, T. borealis] NT01

Xanthopygus Kraatz 1857 BC16, GN09 [incl. Heteropygus Bernhauer 1906 NT01, Lampropygus Sharp 1884 NT01]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BC16] Brunke, A. J., S. Chatzimanolis, H. Schillhammer & A. Solodovnikov. 2016. Early evolution of the hyperdiverse rove beetle tribe Staphylinini (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Staphylininae) and a revision of its higher classification. Cladistics 32 (4): 427–451.

[GN09] Grebennikov, V. V., & A. F. Newton. 2009. Good-bye Scydmaenidae, or why the ant-like stone beetles should become megadiverse Staphylinidae sensu latissimo (Coleoptera). European Journal of Entomology 106: 275–301.

[N90] Newton, A. F., Jr. 1990. Insecta: Coleoptera Staphylinidae adults and larvae. In: Dindal, D. L. (ed.) Soil Biology Guide pp. 1137–1174. John Wiley & Sones: New York.

[NT01] Newton, A. F., M. K. Thayer, J. S. Ashe & D. S. Chandler. 2001. Staphylinidae Latreille, 1802. In: Arnett, R. H., Jr & M. C. Thomas (eds) American Beetles vol. 1. Archostemata, Myxophaga, Adephaga, Polyphaga: Staphyliniformia pp. 272–418. CRC Press: Boca Raton.

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