Harpalus affinis, copyright Trevor & Dilys Pendleton.

Belongs within: Harpalitae.

Harpalus is a diverse genus of carabid beetles with antennae that are setose from the third segment onwards, and two ventral rows of scale-like setae on the fore tarsi of males. They are native to Eurasia and North America though some species have also been introduced outside this range.

Harpalus Latreille 1802 LM87
    |--H. affinis (Schrank 1781) E04, LM87 (see below for synonymy)
    |--H. aeneus C01
    |--H. amariformis C01
    |--H. ambiguus [=Carabus ambiguus] L02
    |--H. caerulescens (Linnaeus 1758) L02, L58 [=Carabus caerulescens L02]
    |--H. caliginosus BB68
    |--H. calydonius [=Carabus calydonius] L02
    |--H. cephalotes (Linnaeus 1758) L02, L58 [=Carabus cephalotes L02]
    |--H. cisteloides [=Carabus cisteloides] L02
    |--H. cupreus (Linnaeus 1758) L02, L58 [=Carabus cupreus L02]
    |--H. distinguendus C01
    |--H. eraticus BS02
    |--H. fulvicornis (Thunberg 1806) [=Carabus fulvicornis] LM87
    |--H. fuscicalpis C01
    |--H. gagates [=Scarites gagates] L02
    |--H. germanus (Linnaeus 1758) L02, L58 [=Carabus germanus L02]
    |--H. gory Gory 1833 LM87
    |--H. goryi Boisduval 1835 LM87
    |--H. ignobilis Boheman 1858 LM87
    |--H. indianus BS02
    |--H. interruptus [=Carabus interruptus] L02
    |--H. leucopthalmus [=Carabus leucopthalmus] L02
    |--H. marginatus (Linnaeus 1758) L02, L58 [=Carabus marginatus L02]
    |--H. marginepunctatus B35
    |--H. metallicus [=Carabus metallicus] L02
    |--H. motschulskyi C01
    |--H. pennsylvanicus BB68
    |--H. piceus [=Scarites piceus] L02
    |--H. picipennis C01
    |--H. prasinus [=Carabus prasinus] L02
    |--H. puncticeps E04
    |--H. rubripes (De Geer 1774) VPB11
    |--H. rufibarbis E04
    |--H. rufipes (De Geer 1774) VPB11 [=Cucujus rufipes L02]
    |--H. serripes C01
    |--H. sexpunctatus (Linnaeus 1758) L02, L58 [=Carabus sexpunctatus L02]
    |--H. spiniger [=Carabus spiniger] L02
    |--H. striatus [=Carabus striatus] L02
    |--H. striola [=Carabus striola] L02
    |--H. tardus (Panzer 1796) VPB11
    |--H. terricola [=Carabus terricola] L02
    |--H. vestitus [=Carabus vestitus] L02
    `--H. vulgaris (Linnaeus 1758) L02, L58 [=Carabus vulgaris L02]

Harpalus affinis (Schrank 1781) E04, LM87 [=Carabus affinis LM87; incl. C. proteus Paykull 1790 LM87, *Harpalus proteus LM87]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 5 March 2018.

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