Phairichneumon sp., from Insects of Tasmania: Hymenoptera.

Belongs within: Ichneumonidae.

The Phaeogenini are a group of mostly smaller ichneumonid wasps characterised by a rather convex clypeus and circular or subcircular petiolar spiracles. They are most diverse in the Holarctic realm with a few genera extending further south. The monophyly of this group is uncertain; features of this group may have evolved convergently as a result of smaller size (Gauld 1984).

See also: The Phaeogenini: Widdle Icky Newmans.

<==Phaeogenini G84
    |--Oronotus Wesmael 1844 G84, CW92
    |--Centeterus opprimator G84, MS01
    |--Aucklandella G84
    |--Cratichneumon sicarius G84, P93
    |--Phaeogenes bellicornis MS01
    |--Akymichneumon Gauld 1984 G84
    |    `--*A. rufipes (Cameron 1906) [=Otacustes rufipes, Phaeogenes rufipes] G84
    |--Eleebichneumon Gauld 1984 G84
    |    `--*E. pittata Gauld 1984 G84
    |--Phairichneumon Gauld 1984 G84
    |    `--*P. orbitalis Gauld 1984 G84
    `--Epitomus F37

*Type species of generic name indicated


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