Female Arthroleptis reichei, copyright Vincenzo Mercurio.

Belongs within: Laurentobatrachia.

The Arthroleptinae are a group of frogs found in sub-Saharan Africa, males of which often have hyperelongate third fingers.

<==Arthroleptinae [Arthroleptina, Arthroleptini] FG06
    |--Coracodichus FG06
    |--Cardioglossa Boulenger 1900 FG06
    |    |--+--C. gracilis PW11
    |    |  `--C. schioetzi PW11
    |    `--+--C. elegans PW11
    |       `--+--C. gratiosa PW11
    |          `--+--+--C. leucomystax PW11
    |             |  `--C. occidentalis PW11
    |             `--+--C. pulchra PW11
    |                `--+--C. manengouba PW11
    |                   `--C. oreas PW11
    `--Arthroleptis Smith 1849 [incl. Schoutedenella De Witte 1921] FG06
         |  i. s.: A. batesi FG06
         |         A. crusculum Angel 1950 [=Schoutedenella crusculum] FG06
         |         A. discodactyla (Laurent 1954) [=Schoutedenella discodactyla] FG06
         |         A. hematogaster (Laurent 1954) [=Schoutedenella hematogaster] FG06
         |         A. lameerei de Witte 1921 [=Schoutedenella lameerei] FG06
         |         A. loveridgei de Witte 1933 [=Schoutedenella loveridgei] FG06
         |         A. milletihorsini Angel 1922 [=Schoutedenella milletihorsini] FG06
         |         A. mossoensis (Laurent 1954) [=Schoutedenella mossoensis] FG06
         |         A. nimbaensis Angel 1950 [=Schoutedenella nimbaensis] FG06
         |         A. phrynoides (Laurent 1976) [=Schoutedenella phrynoides] FG06
         |         A. pyrrhoscelis Laurent 1952 [=Schoutedenella pyrrhoscelis] FG06
         |         A. spinalis Boulenger 1919 FG06
         |         A. troglodytes Poynton 1963 [=Schoutedenella troglodytes] FG06
         |         A. vercammeni (Laurent 1954) [=Schoutedella vercammeni] FG06
         |         A. xenochirus Boulenger 1905 [=Schoutedenella xenochirus] FG06
         |         A. zimmeri Ahl 1925 FG06
         |--+--A. xenodactylus Boulenger 1909 PW11, FG06 [=Schoutedenella senodactyla FG06]
         |  `--+--A. schubotzi Nieden 1911 PW11, FG06 [=Schoutedenella schubotzi FG06]
         |     `--A. xenodactyloides Hewitt 1933 PW11, FG06 [=Schoutedenella xenodactyloides FG06]
         `--+--+--A. taeniatus PW11 [=Schoutedenella taeniata FG06]
            |  `--+--A. aureoli PW11
            |     `--A. sylvaticus (Laurent 1954) PW11, FG06 [=Schoutedenella sylvatica FG06]
            `--+--+--A. francei PW11
               |  `--A. wahlbergii PW11
               `--+--+--A. tanneri PW11
                  |  `--+--A. reichei PW11
                  |     `--+--A. affinis PW11
                  |        `--A. nikeae PW11
                  `--+--A. stenodactylus PW11
                     `--+--+--A. adelphus PW11
                        |  `--A. poecilonotus PW11
                        `--+--A. krokosua PW11
                           `--A. variabilis PW11

*Type species of generic name indicated


[FG06] Frost, D. R., T. Grant, J. Faivovich, R. H. Bain, A. Haas, C. F. B. Haddad, R. O. de Sá, A. Channing, M. Wilkinson, S. C. Donnellan, C. J. Raxworthy, J. A. Campbell, B. L. Blotto, P. Moler, R. C. Drewes, R. A. Nussbaum, J. D. Lynch, D. M. Green & W. C. Wheeler. 2006. The amphibian tree of life. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 297: 1–370.

[PW11] Pyron, R. A., & J. J. Wiens. 2011. A large-scale phylogeny of Amphibia including over 2800 species, and a revised classification of extant frogs, salamanders, and caecilians. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 61: 543–583.

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