Bertkauia crosbyana, copyright Tom Murray.

Belongs within: Epipsocetae.
Contains: Epipsocus.

The Epipsocidae are a group of bark-lice characterised by the presence of a pair of sclerotised ridges running the length of the labrum.

Characters (from New & Lienhard 2007): Fore wing length usually 2.5–5.7 mm. Head elongate. Labrum with two sclerotised rods/ridges running entire length of labrum, reaching sides of labrum anteriorly and joined, if at all, by only a weakly sclerotised anterior connection. Antennal scape membranous over much of ventral surface. Tarsi 2-segmented, claws with or without subapical tooth. Anterior and hind femora sometimes with row of cones at bases of setae. Macropterous or brachypterous, females rarely apterous. Fore wing pterostigma without crossveins; areola postica free; macropterous individuals with one anal vein in fore wing. Female with ventral gonapophysis valve present or absent; external valve reduced, represented as small swelling or setal field on dorsal valve.

    |  i. s.: Mesepipsocus mobilis (Hagen 1861) (see below for synonymy) M74
    |--Gojinae L02
    |    |--Goja NL07
    |    `--Cubitiglabra Li 1995 L03, L02 [=Cubitiglabrus (l. c.) L03, Cubitiglatrus (l. c.) L03]
    |         |--*C. quadripunctatus Li 1995 L02
    |         |--C. dayaoshananus Li 2002 L02
    |         `--C. polyphlebius Li 1995 L02
    `--Epipsocinae L02
         |--Epipsocus L02
         |--Liratepipsocus Li 2002 L02
         |    `--*L. jinghongicus Li 2002 L02
         |--Metepipsocus Li 2002 L02
         |    `--*M. beijingicus Li 2002 L02
         |--Valvepipsocus Li 2002 [=Valviepipsocus] L02
         |    `--*V. diodematus Li 2002 L02
         |--Hinduipsocus Badonnel 1981 L02
         |    |--*H. annulipes Badonnel 1981 L02
         |    `--H. hongkongensis Li & Mockford 1997 L02
         |--Dichoepipsocus Li & Mockford 1997 L02
         |    |--*D. micropterus Li & Mockford 1997 L02
         |    `--D. dictyodromus Li 2002 L02
         |--Spordoepipsocus Li 2002 L02
         |    |--*S. perforatus Li 2002 L02
         |    |--S. formosus (Li 1992) [=Epipsocus formosus] L02
         |    `--S. imperforatus Li 2002 L02
         |--Dicropsocus NL07
         |    |--*D. montanus Smithers & Thornton 1977 NL07
         |    |--D. complexus Smithers & Thornton 1977 NL07
         |    `--D. rugosus Smithers & Thornton 1977 NL07
         |--Heteroepipsocus Li 1995 L02
         |    |--*H. longicellus Li 1995 L02
         |    |--H. brevicellus Li 1995 L02
         |    |--H. inornatus (Banks 1916) [=Epipsocus inornatus] NL07
         |    `--H. maculatus Li 2002 L02
         |--Bertkauia Kolbe 1882 L02 [=Bertkallis (l. c.) L03; incl. Lapithes Bertkau 1883 L02]
         |    |--B. lucifuga (Rambur 1842) G74 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--B. crosbyana Chapman 1930 [=Epipsocus crosbyanus] M93
         |    |--B. lepicidinaria Chapman 1930 [=Epipsocus lepicidinarius] M93
         |    `--B. reticularis Li & Mockford 1997 L02
         `--Epipsocopsis Badonnel 1955 L02 [incl. Epipsocidus Badonnel 1955 NL07, B55]
              |--*E. machadoi Badonnel 1955 L02
              |--E. angolensis (Badonnel 1955) NL07, B55 [=Epipsocus (*Epipsocidus) angolensis NL07]
              |--E. apicalis New & Thornton 1976 NL07
              |--E. basalis New & Thornton 1976 NL07
              |--E. cameronensis New & Lee 1991 NL07
              |--E. completa (Banks 1916) NL07
              |--E. corollifer Li 2002 L02
              |--E. costalis (Banks 1914) NL07
              |--E. dubia (Karny 1925) NL07
              |--E. fasciata Smithers & Thornton 1977 NL07
              |--E. fumipennis (Banks 1920) NL07
              |--E. hyalina (Banks 1920) NL07
              |--E. longiceps (Enderlein 1926) NL07
              |--E. maclurei New & Thornton 1976 NL07
              |--E. macrostigma Smithers & Thornton 1977 NL07
              |--E. maculata New & Thornton 1976 NL07
              |--E. magna (New & Thornton 1976) NL07
              |--E. mouldsi Smithers 1976 NL07
              |--E. murca (Enderlein 1903) NL07
              |--E. murphyi New & Thornton 1976 NL07
              |--E. nebulifera Smithers & Thornton 1977 NL07
              |--E. nubilipennis (Karny 1925) NL07
              |--E. paraselena Vaughan, Thorton & New 1989 NL07
              |--E. peradenayense New 1977 L02
              |--E. prominens (Banks 1937) NL07
              |--E. punctata Smithers & Thornton 1977 NL07
              |--E. sclerota New & Thornton 1976 NL07
              |--E. selena New & Thornton 1976 NL07
              |--E. serpentinus Li 2002 L02
              |--E. setosa New & Thornton 1976 NL07
              |--E. singaporensis New & Thornton 1976 NL07
              |--E. thailandensis New 1973 NL07
              `--E. vilhenai Badonnel 1955 B55

Bertkauia lucifuga (Rambur 1842) G74 [=Psocus lucifugus G74, Epipsocus lucifugus G74; incl. *Bertkauia prisca Kolbe 1882 NL07, G74, Lapithes pulicarius Bertkau 1883 L98]

Mesepipsocus mobilis (Hagen 1861) [=Psocus mobilis, Caecilius mobilis, Epipsocus mobilis, Psocidus mobilis; incl. Mesepipsocus grassei Badonnel 1969] M74

*Type species of generic name indicated


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