Spawning striped marsh frogs Limnodynastes peronii, copyright Froggydarb.

Belongs within: Neobatrachia.

The Limnodynastinae are a group of small to medium-sized toad-like terrestrial frogs found in Australia and New Guinea. They have an inguinal amplexus and many are foam-nesters (Frost et al. 2006).

<==Limnodynastinae [Limnodynastidae, Limnodynastini]
    |  i. s.: Opisthodon Steindachner 1867 FG06
    |           |--O. ornatus (Gray 1842) (see below for synonymy) FG06
    |           `--O. spenceri (Parker 1940) [=Limnodynastes spenceri] FG06
    |--+--Notaden Günther 1873 PW11, FG06
    |  |    |--N. bennettii PW11
    |  |    |--N. melanoscaphus FG06
    |  |    |--N. nichollsi TW05
    |  |    `--N. weigeli Shea & Johnston 1988 D11
    |  `--Neobatrachus Peters 1863 PW11, FG06 [incl. Neoruinosus Wells & Wellington 1985 R10]
    |       |  i. s.: N. albipes Roberts, Mahony et al. 1991 R10
    |       |         N. aquilonius Tyler, Davies & Martin 1981 R10
    |       |         N. fulvus Mahony & Roberts 1986 R10
    |       |         N. kunapalari Mahony & Roberts 1986 R10
    |       |         N. sutor Main 1957 R10
    |       |         N. wilsmorei (Parker 1940) R10
    |       |--N. pelobatoides (Werner 1914) PW11, R10
    |       `--+--N. pictus Peters 1863 PW11, R10
    |          `--N. sudelli (Lamb 1911) PW11, R10 [=*Neoruinosus sudelli R10; incl. N. centralis (Parker 1940) R10]
    `--+--Platyplectrum Günther 1863 PW11, DAP09
       |    |--P. spenceri PW11
       |    `--+--P. ornatum PW11
       |       `--Lechriodus Boulenger 1882 PW11, FG06
       |            |--L. fletcheri FG06
       |            `--L. melanopyga FG06
       `--+--Heleioporus Gray 1841 PW11, FG06
          |    |--H. albopunctatus ERK07
          |    |--H. australiacus FG06
          |    |--H. barycragus KF69
          |    |--H. eyrei KF69
          |    |--H. inornatus KF69
          |    `--H. psammophilus ERK07
          `--+--Adelotus Ogilby 1907 PW11, FG06
             |    `--A. brevis FG06
             `--+--Philoria Spencer 1901 PW11, FG06 [incl. Kyarranus Moore 1958 FG06]
                |    `--P. sphagnicola FG06
                `--Limnodynastes Fitzinger 1843 PW11, FG06 [incl. Megistolotis Tyler, Martin & Davis 1979 FG06]
                     |--+--L. salmini PW11
                     |  `--+--L. convexiusculus PW11
                     |     `--L. lignarius PW11
                     `--+--+--+--L. depressus PW11
                        |  |  `--L. fletcheri PW11
                        |  `--+--L. peronii PW11
                        |     `--L. tasmaniensis PW11
                        `--+--L. dorsalis (Gray 1841) PW11, F13 (see below for synonymy)
                           |--L. terraereginae PW11
                           `--+--L. dumerilii Peters 1863 PW11, F13 (see below for synonymy)
                              `--L. interioris Fry 1913 PW11, F13 [=L. dorsalis var. interioris F13]

Limnodynastes dorsalis (Gray 1841) PW11, F13 [=Cystignathus dorsalis F13, Wagleria dorsalis F13]

Limnodynastes dumerilii Peters 1863 PW11, F13 [=L. (Platyplectron) dumerilii F13, L. dorsalis var. dumerilii F13; incl. L. bibronii Krefft 1867 (n. n.) F13, Heliorana grayi Steindachner 1867 F13, Platyplectrum superciliare Keferstein 1867 F13, H. superciliaris F13]

Opisthodon ornatus (Gray 1842) [=Discoglossus ornatus, Limnodynastes ornatus; incl. *Opisthodon frauenfeldi Steindachner 1867] FG06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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