Colony of Arthrobacter chlorophenolicus, from the United States Department of Energy.

Belongs within: Micrococcineae.

Arthrobacter is a widely distributed genus of bacteria, found primarily in soils. They appear as Gram-negative rods in young cultures and as Gram-positive cocci in mature cultures (Storms et al. 2003).

    |  i. s.: A. lutens GM96
    |--A. flavus SD03
    `--+--+--+--A. agilis SD03
       |  |  `--+--A. gandavensis Storms, Devriese et al. 2003 SD03
       |  |     `--+--A. citreus SD03
       |  |        `--A. luteolus SD03
       |  `--+--A. atrocyaneus SD03
       |     `--+--A. nasiphocae SD03
       |        `--+--A. albus SD03
       |           `--A. cumminsii SD03
       `--+--+--+--A. woluwensis SD03
          |  |  `--+--A. crystallopoletes Sd03
          |  |     `--+--*A. globiformis [=Bacterium globiforme] SD03
          |  |        `--+--A. pascens SD03
          |  |           `--A. ramosus SD03
          |  `--+--A. creatinolyticus SD03
          |     `--+--+--A. rhombi SD03
          |        |  `--A. sulfureus SD03
          |        `--+--A. protophormiae SD03
          |           `--+--A. nicotianae SD03
          |              `--A. uratoxydans SD03
          `--+--A. methylotrophus Borodina, Kelly et al. 2002VP SD03, IJSEM02
             `--+--+--A. ureafaciens SD03
                |  `--+--+--A. aurescens SD03
                |     |  `--A. ilicis SD03
                |     `--+--A. histidinolovorans SD03
                |        `--A. nicotinovorans SD03
                `--+--+--A. chlorophenolicus SD03
                   |  `--+--A. oxydans SD03
                   |     `--A. polychromogenes SD03
                   `--+--A. sulfonivorans Borodina, Kelly et al. 2002VP SD03, IJSEM02
                      `--+--A. psychrolactophilus SD03
                         `--A. roseus SD03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[GM96] Griffiths, A. J. F., J. H. Miller, D. T. Suzuki, R. C. Lewontin & W. M. Gelbart. 1996. An Introduction to Genetic Analysis 6th ed. W. H. Freeman and Company: New York.

[IJSEM02] IJSEM. 2002. Validation list no. 85: Validation of publication of new names and new combinations previously effectively published outside the IJSEM. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 52: 685–690.

[SD03] Storms, V., L. A. Devriese, R. Coopman, P. Schumann, F. Vyncke & M. Gillis. 2003. Arthrobacter gandavensis sp. nov., for strains of veterinary origin. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 53: 1881–1884.

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