Opilio parietinus, from here.

Belongs within: Phalangiidae.

Opilio is a genus of phalangiid harvestmen native to the western Palaearctic, with one species O. parietinus more widely introduced.

Characters (from Martens 1978): Truncus penis slender to robust, basal section not demarcated, but truncus mostly narrowed from the basal half distad; two lateral pockets present below shaft-glans junction, opening laterad, dorsad or ventrad. Pedipalp without apophyses, normally proportioned. Tuber oculorum with axes of eyes pointed obliquely upward. Secondary sexual characteristics weakly developed; male with femora thickened in some species; pedipalpal tarsus with ventral row of granules.

<==Opilio Herbst 1798 S03
    |--*O. parietinus (De Geer 1778) C92 (see below for synonymy)
    |--O. afghanus Roewer 1960 S03
    |--O. altaicus Roewer 1956 R56
    |--O. canestrinii (Thorell 1876) (see below for synonymy) D04
    |--O. chinensis Roewer 1956 R56
    |--O. consputus (Simon 1895) [=Phalangium consputum] R23
    |--O. coxipunctus (Sørensen 1912) S03 [=Phalangium coxipunctum R23; incl. O. cypricus Rower 1956 S03, R56]
    |--O. decoratus Koch 1878 R23
    |--O. dinaricus Šilhavý 1938 S03
    |--O. ejuncidus (Thorell 1876) S03 [=Phalangium ejuncidum R23]
    |--O. grasshoffi Staręga 1986 S03
    |--O. hemseni Roewer 1952 [incl. O. reginae Staręga 1966] S03
    |--O. himalincola Martens 1973 S03
    |--O. insulae Roewer 1956 S03
    |--O. lederi Roewer 1911 (see below for synonymy) S03
    |--O. lepidus (Koch 1878) S03 [=Phalangium lepidum R12]
    |--O. magnus Hadži 1973 S03
    |--O. ovalis Koch & Berendt 1854 S02
    |--O. pictus Hadži 1973 S03
    |--O. rutilus Morin 1934 S03
    |--O. ruzickai Šilhavý 1938 S03
    |--O. saxatilis Koch 1839 K14 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--O. s. saxatilis S12
    |    `--‘Phalangium saxatile’ znoiko Morin 1937 S12
    |--O. transversalis Roewer 1956 S03
    |--O. trispinifrons Roewer 1911 R23
    |--O. validus Roewer 1959 S03
    `--O. zichyi Roewer 1923 [=Phalangium scabrum Kulczyński 1901 non Opilio scaber Herbst 1799] R23

Opilio canestrinii (Thorell 1876) [=Phalangium canestrinii; incl. O. aspromontanus Gruber 1964, O. ravennae Spoek 1962, O. zangherii Spoek 1962] D04

Opilio lederi Roewer 1911 [incl. Phalangium coronatum Redikorzev 1936 non Fabricius 1779, O. redikorzevi Roewer 1956] S03

*Opilio parietinus (De Geer 1778) C92 [=Phalangium parietinum D04; incl. O. albidus Pavesi 1873 D04, P. baumii Kollar 1839 D04, P. cinereum Wood 1868 W68, Opilio leucophaeus Koch 1839 D04, O. longipes Herbst 1798 D04, Phalangium segmentatum Simon 1879 D04]

Opilio saxatilis Koch 1839 K14 [=Phalangium saxatile D04; incl. Metadasylobus bolei Hadži 1973 M78, Opilio bolei D04, O. cavernarum Roewer 1956 D04, O. macedonicus Hadži 1973 D04, O. parietinus silhavyi Kratochvil 1934 D04, O. turcicus Roewer 1956 D04]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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