Microscopic view of Colaconema daviesii, copyright Ignacio Bárbara.

Belongs within: Florideophycidae.

Colaconema is a genus of filamentous red algae indicated by molecular analysis to be phylogenetically distant from other members of the Florideophycidae (Harper & Saunders 2002).

Characters (from Harper & Saunders 2002): Marine algae composed of monosiphonous simple or branched filaments; cells with one to several parietal plastids of varying shape (lobed to spiral to irregular), with or without pyrenoids; plants primarily reproducing asexually by monosporangia; sexual life histories, where known, triphasic.

Colaconema Batters 1896 [Colaconemataceae, Colaconematales] HS02
    |--*C. bonnemaisoniae Batters 1896 [=Chantransia bonnemaisoniae (Batters) Levring 1937] HS02
    |--C. americana HS02
    |--C. amphiroae (Drew) Harper & Saunders 2002 (see below for synonymy) HS02
    |--C. asparagopsis Chemin 1926 HS02
    |--C. caespitosa (Agardh) Harper & Saunders 2002 (see below for synonymy) HS02
    |--C. chylocladiae HS02
    |--C. dasyae (Collins) Harper & Saunders 2002 (see below for synonymy) HS02
    |--C. daviesii (Dillwyn) Stegenga 1985 [=Audouinella daviesii] HS02
    |--C. delisea HS02
    |--C. endophytica (Batters) Harper & Saunders 2002 (see below for synonymy) HS02
    |--C. pectinata (Kylin) Harper & Saunders 2002 (see below for synonymy) HS02
    |--C. proskaueri (West) Harper & Saunders 2002 (see below for synonymy) HS02
    |--C. reticulatum HS02
    |--C. rhizoidea (Drew) Harper & Saunders 2002 (see below for synonymy) HS02
    |--C. simplex HS02
    `--C. tetraspora (Garbary & Rueness) Harper & Saunders 2002 [=Audouinella tetraspora Garbary & Rueness 1980] HS02

Colaconema amphiroae (Drew) Harper & Saunders 2002 [=Rhodochorton amphiroae Drew 1928, Acrochaetium amphiroae (Drew) Papenfuss 1945, Audouinella amphiroae (Drew) Garbary in Hansen et al. 1981] HS02

Colaconema caespitosa (Agardh) Harper & Saunders 2002 [=Callithamnion caespitosum Agardh 1851, Acrochaetium caespitosum (Agardh) Nägeli 1861, Audouinella caespitosa (Agardh) Dixon in Parke & Dixon 1976, Chantransia caespitosa (Agardh) Batters 1896, Rhodothamniella caespitosa (Agardh) Feldmann 1954] HS02

Colaconema dasyae (Collins) Harper & Saunders 2002 [=Acrochaetium dasyae Collins 1906, Audouinella dasyae (Collins) Woelkerling 1973, Chantransia dasyae (Collins) Collins 1911] HS02

Colaconema endophytica (Batters) Harper & Saunders 2002 [=C. endophytica (l. c.), Acrochaetium endophyticum Batters 1896, Audouinella endophytica (Batters) Dixon in Parke & Dixon 1976, Chantransia endophytica (Batters) De Toni 1924] HS03

Colaconema pectinata (Kylin) Harper & Saunders 2002 [=Chantransia pectinatum Kylin 1906, Acrochaetium pectinatum (Kylin) Hamel 1927, Audouinella pectinata (Kylin) Papenfuss 1945, Rhodochorton pectinatum (Kylin) Rosenvinge 1935] HS02

Colaconema proskaueri (West) Harper & Saunders 2002 [=Acrochaetium proskaueri West 1972, Audouinella proskaueri (West) Garbary in Garbary, Hansen & Scagel 1982] HS02

Colaconema rhizoidea (Drew) Harper & Saunders 2002 [=Rhodochorton rhizoideum Drew 1928, Acrochaetium rhizoideum (Drew) Jao 1937; Audouinella rhizoidea (Drew) Garbary 1979] HS02

*Type species of generic name indicated


[HS02] Harper, J. T., & G. W. Saunders. 2002. A re-classification of the Acrochaetiales based on molecular and morphological data, and establishment of the Colaconematales ord. nov. (Florideophyceae, Rhodophyta). European Journal of Phycology 37: 463–476.

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