Myxococcoides minor, from here.

Belongs within: Cyanobacteria.

Myxococcoides is a form genus of single-walled cell-like units from the Middle to Late Proterozoic. Members of this genus are spherical to ellipsoidal in shape and solitary or colonial (Kumar & Srivastava 1992).

See also: Life before it had facial features.

<==Myxococcoides Schopf 1968 KS92
    |--*M. minor Schopf 1968 KS92
    |--M. cantabrigiensis KS92
    |--M. cracens KS92
    |--M. grandis KS92
    |--M. guyangensis KS92
    |--M. indicus T84
    |--M. inornata Schopf 1968 KS92
    |--M. kingii KS92
    |--M. konzalovae KS92
    |--M. minuta KS92
    |--M. muricata KS92
    |--M. ovata KS92
    |--M. reniformis KS92
    |--M. reticulata KS92
    `--M. staphylidion Lo 1980 KS92

*Type species of generic name indicated


[KS92] Kumar, S., & P. Srivastava. 1992. Middle to late Proterozoic microbiota from the Deoban Limestone, Garhwal Himalaya, India. Precambrian Research 56: 291–318.

[T84] Tewari, V. C. 1984. Stromatolites and Precambrian-Lower Cambrian biostratigraphy of the Lesser Himalaya. Proc. Vth India Geophytol. Conf., Lucknow (1983), Spec. Publ. 1984: 71–97.

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