Culture of Brachybacterium muris, copyright LG1.

Belongs within: Micrococcineae.

The Dermabacteraceae are a group of Gram-positive bacteria found in a range of habitats, including soils and in association with animals as commensals or facultative pathogens.

    |--Dermabacter hominis BS03
    `--Brachybacterium BS03
         |--+--B. muris Buczolits, Schumann et al. 2003 BS03
         |  `--+--B. nesterenkovii BS03
         |     `--B. rhamnosum BS03
         `--+--+--B. fresconis BS03
            |  `--B. sacelli BS03
            `--+--+--B. alimentarium BS03
               |  `--B. tyrofermentans BS03
               `--+--B. faecium BS03
                  `--+--B. conglomeratum BS03
                     `--B. paraconglomeratum BS03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BS03] Buczolits, S., P. Schumann, G. Weidler, C. Radax & H.-J. Busse. 2003. Brachybacterium muris sp. nov., isolated from the liver of a laboratory mouse strain. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 53: 1955–1960.

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