Egaenus convexus, copyright Filip Trnka.

Belongs within: Phalangiidae.

Egaenus is a genus of phalangiid harvestmen found in arid regions of Eurasia. Species of this genus have relatively short legs and massively robust pedipalps, with the latter being strongly armed. Males often have chelicerae which are somewhat larger and thicker than those of females though the two sexes are similar in the Iranian species E. oedipus (Roewer 1923).

Characters (from Martens 1978): Truncus penis thickset to long-slender, dorsoventrally flattened, often with broad dorsal keel; muscles in more than basal half of truncus, sometimes filling its entire length. Glans spindle-shaped, often with basolateral fold. Pedipalp massively robust; femur, usually also patella and tibia, strongly armed with denticles; apophyses absent. Tuber oculorum usually small, low, weakly armed or completely smooth; approximately its length or more distant from frontal margin of cephalothorax. Supracheliceral lamellae smooth. Secondary sexual characteristics poorly developed; armature of male pedipalp more developed.

<==Egaenus Koch in Hahn & Koch 1839 CH18 [incl. Diabunus Thorell 1876 C92]
    |--E. convexus (Koch 1835) K14 (see below for synonymy)
    |--E. amanensis (Simon 1884) K14 [=Phalangium amanense R23]
    |--E. charitonovi (Gricenko 1972) S03
    |--E. diadema Simon 1885 (n. d.) R23
    |--E. kashmiricus Caporiacco 1935 S03
    |--E. lindbergi (Roewer 1960) S03
    |--E. oedipus (Thorell 1876) S03 [=*Diabunus oedipus C92]
    |--E. pakistanus (Roewer 1956) [=Opilio pakistanus] S03
    |--E. robustus (Kulczyński 1901) [=Phalangium robustum] R23
    |--E. turcicus Snegovaya & Marusik 2012 K14
    `--E. zichyi Kulczyński in Zichy 1901 R23

Egaenus convexus (Koch 1835) K14 [=Opilio convexus C92; incl. Phalangium (Egaenus) atomarium Doleschall 1852 R23, Egaenus convexus var. atratus Sørensen in Lendl 1894 R23, E. carpaticus Avram 1978 S03, E. clairi Simon 1876 R23, E. ictericus Koch 1839 R23, E. convexus var. ictericus R23, E. maximus Sørensen in Lendl 1894 R23, E. sinister Simon 1876 R23, *E. tibialis Koch 1839 C92, E. trivialis (l. c.) C92]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[CH18] Cokendolpher, J. C., & R. G. Holmberg. 2018. Harvestmen of the family Phalangiidae (Arachnida, Opiliones) in the Americas. Special Publications, Museum of Texas Tech University 67: 1–44.

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Last updated: 25 May 2019.

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