Egaenus convexus, copyright Filip Trnka.

Belongs within: Phalangiidae.

Egaenus is a genus of phalangiid harvestmen found in arid regions of Eurasia.

Characters (from Martens 1978): Truncus penis thickset to long-slender, dorsoventrally flattened, often with broad dorsal keel; muscles in more than basal half of truncus, sometimes filling its entire length. Glans spindle-shaped, often with basolateral fold. Pedipalp massively robust; femur, usually also patella and tibia, strongly armed with denticles; apophyses absent. Tuber oculorum usually small, low, weakly armed or completely smooth; approximately its length or more distant from frontal margin of cephalothorax. Supracheliceral lamellae smooth. Secondary sexual characteristics poorly developed; armature of male pedipalp more developed.