Colony of Entophysalis, copyright Stjepko Golubic.

Belongs within: Cyanobacteria.

The Entophysalidaceae are a group of cyanobacteria whose members form gelatinous masses; the growth of such colonies can lead to the formation of stromatolites or other such structures.

    |--Entophysalis K98
    |    |--E. conferta K98
    |    `--E. deusta KS92
    |--Eoentophysalis Hofmann 1976 KS92
    |    |--*E. belcherensis Hofmann 1976 KS92
    |    |--E. arcata KS92
    |    |--E. cumulus Knoll & Golubic 1979 KS92
    |    |--E. dismalakensis KS92
    |    |--E. magna McMenamin, Kumar & Awramik 1983 KS92
    |    `--E. yudomatica KS92
    `--Gloeodiniopsis Schopf 1968 KS92, FT93 (see below for synonymy)
         |--*G. lamellosa Schopf 1968 KS92
         |--*Eozygion’ grande Schopf & Blacic 1971 G79
         |--‘Bigeminococcus’ grandis Schopf & Blacic 1971 non Eozygion grande Schopf & Blacic 1971 KS92
         |--G. gregaria Knoll & Golubic 1979 KS92
         |--*Bigeminococcus lamellosus’ Schopf & Blacic 1971 non Gloeodiniopsis lamellosa Schopf 1968 G79
         |--G. magna KS92
         |--G. micros KS92
         `--*Eotetrahedrion’ princeps Schopf & Blacic 1971 G79

Gloeodiniopsis Schopf 1968 [incl. Bigeminococcus Schopf & Blacic 1971 FT93, Eotetrahedrion Schopf & Blacic 1971 FT93, Eozygion Schopf & Blacic 1971 FT93]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[FT93] Fensome, R. A., F. J. R. Taylor, G. Norris, W. A. S. Sarjeant, D. I. Wharton & G. L. Williams. 1993. A classification of living and fossil dinoflagellates. Micropaleontology Special Publication 7: i–viii, 1–351.

[G79] Glaessner, M. F. 1979. Precambrian. In: Robison, R. A., & C. Teichert (eds) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt A. Introduction. Fossilisation (Taphonomy), Biogeography and Biostratigraphy pp. A79–A118. The Geological Society of America, Inc.: Boulder (Colorado), and The University of Kansas: Lawrence (Kansas).

[K98] Kaehler, S. 1998. The non-coralline epilithic encrusting algae of Hong Kong II: Additions and identification. Asian Marine Biology 15: 1–17.

[KS92] Kumar, S., & P. Srivastava. 1992. Middle to late Proterozoic microbiota from the Deoban Limestone, Garhwal Himalaya, India. Precambrian Research 56: 291–318.

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