Electron micrograph of Streptosporangium roseum, copyright Manfred Rohde. Scale bar = 5 µm.

Belongs within: Actinomycetales.
Contains: Nonomuria.

The Streptosporangiaceae are a group of chemoorganotrophic actinomycetes that form a branched, non-fragmenting substrate mycelium.

Streptosporangiaceae GH01
    |  i. s.: Planopolyspora GH01
    |--+--‘Streptosporangium’ viridialbum ZWR98
    |  `--+--Planobispora longispora ZWR98
    |     `--+--Planomonospora parontospora ZWR98
    |        `--Streptosporangium ZWR98
    |             |--S. violaceochromogenes ZWR98
    |             `--+--+--S. fragile ZWR98
    |                |  `--+--S. nondiastaticum ZWR98
    |                |     `--S. pseudovulgare ZWR98
    |                `--+--S. carneum ZWR98
    |                   `--+--+--S. amethystogenes ZWR98
    |                      |  `--S. longisporum ZWR98
    |                      `--+--S. vulgare ZWR98
    |                         `--+--S. album ZWR98
    |                            `--S. roseum ZWR98
    `--+--Nonomuria ZWR98
       `--+--+--Planotetraspora mira ZWR98
          |  `--+--‘Streptosporangium’ corrugatum ZWR98
          |     `--+--‘Streptosporangium’ claviforme ZWR98
          |        `--Herbidospora cretacea ZWR98
          `--+--Microtetraspora ZWR98
             |    |  i. s.: M. malaysiensis Nakajima, Ho & Kudo 2004VP IJSEM04
             |    |--*M. glauca ZWR98
             |    `--+--M. fusca ZWR98
             |       `--M. niveoalba ZWR98
             `--Microbispora Nonomura & Ohara 1957 ZWR98
                  |--+--M. thermorosea ZWR98
                  |  `--+--M. chromogenes ZWR98
                  |     `--M. diastatica ZWR98
                  `--+--+--M. mesophila (Nonomura & Ohara) Zhang, Wang & Ruan 1998 (see below for synonymy) ZWR98
                     |  `--M. rosea ZWR98
                     `--+--M. amethystogenes ZWR98
                        `--+--M. parva ZWR98
                           `--+--M. aerata ZWR98
                              `--M. thermodiastatica ZWR98

Microbispora mesophila (Nonomura & Ohara) Zhang, Wang & Ruan 1998 [=Thermomonospora mesophila Nonomura & Ohara 1971] ZWR98

*Type species of generic name indicated


[GH01] Garrity, G. M., & J. G. Holt. 2001. The road map to the Manual. In: Boone, D. R., R. W. Castenholz & G. M. Garrity (eds) Bergey’s Manual of Systematic Bacteriology 2nd ed. vol. 1. The Archaea and the Deeply Branching and Phototrophic Bacteria pp. 119–166. Springer.

[IJSEM04] IJSEM. 2004. Validation list no. 95: Validation of publication of new names and new combinations previously effectively published outside the IJSEM. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 54: 1–2.

[ZWR98] Zhang, Z., Y. Wang & J. Ruan. 1998. Reclassification of Thermomonospora and Microtetraspora. International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology 48: 411–422.

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