Dorsal view of Aurivilliola femoralis, from Roewer (1955).

Belongs within: Sclerosomatidae.

Aurivilliola is a genus of gagrelline harvestmen found in tropical Asia.

Characters (from Roewer 1955): Tuber oculorum dorsally smooth or denticulate, but without prominent, larger spines; second area of scutum or first and second area each with a median spine; femora I to IV with nodules; first and third femora cylindrical and shorter than body.

<==Aurivilliola Roewer 1910 [=Aurivillia Roewer 1910 non Tutt 1902] C92
    |--*A. aurivillii (Thorell 1894) C92 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--A. a. aurivillii R55
    |    `--A. a. bispinosa Roewer 1923 R55
    |--A. annamensis Roewer 1927 R55
    |--A. bispinifera Roewer 1929 R55
    |--A. difformis Roewer 1955 R55
    |--A. ephippiata Roewer 1955 R55
    |--A. femoralis Roewer 1955 R55
    |--A. hirsuta Roewer 1912 R55
    |--A. javana Roewer 1931 R55
    |--A. nigripalpis Roewer 1929 R55
    |--A. palpalis Roewer 1915 R55
    |--A. segregata Roewer 1955 R55
    |--A. sepia (Loman 1892) R55 [=Gagrella sepia R23]
    |--A. shanica Roewer 1929 R55
    |--A. sumatrana Roewer 1931 R55
    |--A. tibialis Roewer 1955 R55
    `--A. timorensis Schenkel 1944 R55

*Aurivilliola aurivillii (Thorell 1894) C92 [=Melanopa aurivillii C92, *Aurivillia aurivillii C92, Gagrella aurivillii R23; incl. Melanopa conspersa Thorell 1894 R23, G. conspersa W03, G. simplex Loman 1902 R23]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C92] Crawford, R. L. 1992. Catalogue of the genera and type species of the harvestman superfamily Phalangioidea (Arachnida). Burke Museum Contributions in Anthropology and Natural History 8: 1–60.

[R23] Roewer, C.-F. 1923. Die Weberknechte der Erde: Systematische Bearbeitung der bisher bekannnten Opiliones. Gustav Fischer: Jena.

[R55] Roewer, C. F. 1955. Indoaustralische Gagrellinae (Opiliones, Arachnidae). (Weitere Weberknechte XVIII). 3. Teil. Senckenbergiana Biologica 36 (1–2): 71–121.

[W03] With, C. 1903. New and old Phalangiidae from the Indian region. Journal of the Linnean Society, Zoology 28: 466–509.

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