Batrachospermum sp., copyright Gary Baird.

Belongs within: Florideophycidae.

The Batrachospermales are a group of freshwater red algae characterised by uniaxial gametophytes, together with pit plugs with a domed outer cap layer but no cap membrane (Müller et al. 2002).

    |  i. s.: Tuomeya americana MS02
    |         Paralemanea catenata MS02
    |         Nothocladus nodosus MS02
    |         ‘Audouinella’ macrospora MS02
    |--Lemanea [Lemaneaceae] HS02
    |    `--L. fluriatilis [=Sacheria fluriatilis] G03
    `--Batrachospermaceae HB03
         |--Psilosiphon scoparium HB03
         |--Sirodotia HS02
         |    |--S. huillensis MS02
         |    `--S. suecica MS02
         `--Batrachospermum MS02
              |--B. atrum MS02
              |--B. boryanum MS02
              |--B. gelatinosum MS02
              |--B. helminthosum MS02
              |--B. louisianae MS02
              |--B. macrosporum MS02
              |--B. turfosum MS02
              `--B. virgatodecaisneanum MS02

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G03] Gnilovskaya, M. B. 2003. The oldest tissue differentiation in Precambrian (Vendian) algae. Paleontologicheskii Zhurnal 2003 (2): 92–98 (transl. Paleontological Journal 37 (2): 196–204).

[HS02] Harper, J. T., & G. W. Saunders. 2002. A re-classification of the Acrochaetiales based on molecular and morphological data, and establishment of the Colaconematales ord. nov. (Florideophyceae, Rhodophyta). European Journal of Phycology 37: 463–476.

[HB03] Harvey, A. S., S. T. Broadwater, W. J. Woelkerling & P. J. Mitrovski. 2003. Choreonema (Coralllinales, Rhodophyta): 18S rDNA phylogeny and resurrection of the Hapalidiaceae for the subfamilies Choreonematoideae, Austrolithoideae, and Melobesioideae. Journal of Phycology 39: 988–998.

[MS02] Müller, K. M., A. R. Sherwood, C. M. Pueschel, R. R. Gutell & R. G. Sheath. 2002. A proposal for a new red algal order, the Thoreales. Journal of Phycology 38: 807–820.

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