Displaying Carolina anole Anolis carolinensis, copyright Jefferson Heard.

Belongs within: Polychrotidae.

Anolis, the anoles, is a diverse genus of more or less elongate lizards found in warmer parts of the Americas. Members of the genus possess a distinct dewlap under the throat that may be inflated for display. There has been much debate in recent years whether this genus should be defined as including the entire diversity of anoles, or whether it should be restricted to a smaller group centred around the type species A. carolinensis.

See also: Anole, anole, anole, anole.

Anolis Daudin 1802 GS86 [incl. Eupristis Fitzinger 1843 GS92]
    |--+--+--A. angusticeps GS92
    |  |  `--+--A. alutaceus GS92
    |  |     |--A. lucius GS92
    |  |     `--A. monticola GS92
    |  |--+--A. chlorocyanus GS92
    |  |  |--A. coelestinus GS92
    |  |  `--A. darlingtoni GS92
    |  `--+--A. hendersoni GS92
    |     `--+--A. bahorucoensis GS92
    |        `--A. etheridgei GS92
    `--+--A. olssoni GS92
       |--A. semilineatus GS92
       `--+--*A. carolinensis Voigt 1832 GS86, GS92, GS86
          `--Norops Wagler 1830 GS92, GS86
               |  i. s.: N. biporcatus GS92
               |--+--N. sagrei [=Anolis sagrei] GS92
               |  `--+--N. homolechis [=Anolis homolechis] GS92
               |     `--N. ophiolepis [=Anolis ophiolepis] GS92
               |--+--‘Anolis’ fuscoauratus GS92 [incl. A. bocourti DS86]
               |  |--+--*N. auratus (Daudin 1802) GS86, GS92, KS08 [=Anolis auratus GS86]
               |  |  `--‘Anolis’ onca GS92
               |  `--+--‘Anolis’ meridionalis GS92
               |     `--‘Anolis’ petersi GS92
               `--+--N. garmani [=Anolis garmani] GS92
                  |--N. grahami [=Anolis grahami] GS92
                  |--N. lineatopus [=Anolis lineatopus] GS92
                  |--N. opalinus [=Anolis opalinus] GS92
                  `--N. valencienni [=Anolis valencienni] GS92

Anolis incertae sedis:
  A. allogus GH01
  A. altitudinalis Garrido 1985 [=A. isolepis altitudinalis] GH01
  A. argenteolus GH01
  A. argillaceous GH01
  A. bombiceps DS86
  A. centralis GH01
  A. chamaeleonides GH01
  A. chrysolepis DS86
    |--A. c. chrysolepis DS86
    `--A. c. scypheus DS86
  A. dunni DD61
  A. electrum M79
  A. equestris [=*Eupristis equestris] GS92
  A. fungosus Myers 1971 KS08
  A. gadovi DD61
  A. guazuma GH01
  A. heteropholidotus Mertens 1952 SVK08
  A. incredulus Garrido & Moreno 1998 GH01
  A. insolitus C96
  A. isolepis GH01
  A. liogaster DD61
  A. loysianus GH01
  A. megapholidotus DD61
  A. microlepidotus DD61
  A. microtus Cope 1871 KS08
  A. muralla (Köhler, McCranie & Wilson 1999) SVK08
  A. nebuloides DD61
  A. nebulosus DD61
  A. noblei GH01
  A. occultus GS92
  A. omiltemanus DD61
  A. oporinus Garrido & Hedges 2001 GH01
  A. ortoni Cope 1868 [incl. A. bouvierii Bocourt 1873] K07
  A. polylepis Peters 1873 KS08
  A. porcatus GH01
  A. porcus GH01
  A. principalis F15
  A. rejectus GH01
  A. sagrae F15
  A. salvini Boulenger 1885 [incl. A. vociferans Myers 1971] K07
  A. smallwoodi GH01
  A. sminthus Dunn & Emlen 1932 SVK08
  A. subocularis DD61
  A. trachyderma DS86
  A. transversalis DS86
  A. vanidicus GH01
  A. wermuthi (Köhler & Obermeier 1998) [=Norops wermuthi] SVK08

*Type species of generic name indicated


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