Specimen of Cyrtograptus, from here.

Belongs within: Monograptidae.

The Cyrtograptinae are a group of uniserial graptolites known from the Middle Silurian, characterised by the regular production of thecal cladia (Bulman 1970).

Characters (from Bulman 1970): Main stipe (procladium) generally spirally coiled, helicoidally at proximal end, with one or more thecal cladia, sometimes bearing second- or higher-order cladia; production of cladia typically regular.

    |--Averianowograptus Obut 1949 B70
    |    `--*A. magnificus (Averianow 1931) [=Cyrtograptus magnificus] B70
    |--Barrandeograptus Bouček 1933 B70
    |    `--*B. pulchellus (Tullberg 1883) [=Cyrtograptus pulchellus] B70
    `--Cyrtograptus Carruthers 1867 (see below for synonymy) B70
         |--*C. murchisoni Carruthers 1867 [=Cyrtograpsus murchisoni] B70
         |--C. centrifugus B70
         |--C. ellesae B70
         |--C. grayi Lapworth 1876 [=*Lapworthograptus grayi] B70
         |--C. insectus K-D04
         |--‘*Uralograptus’ insuetus Koregn 1962 B70
         |--C. lapworthi K-D04
         |--C. linnarssoni B70
         |--C. lundgreni B70
         |--C. perneri B79
         |--C. radians B79
         |--C. rigidus B70
         `--C. spiralis Averianow 1931 [=*Damosiograptus spiralis] B70

Cyrtograptus Carruthers 1867 [=Cyrtograpsus; incl. Damosiograptus Obut 1950, Lapworthograptus Bouček & Přibyl 1952, Uralograptus Koregn 1962] B70

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B79] Boucot, A. J. 1979. Silurian. In: Robison, R. A., & C. Teichert (eds) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt A. Introduction. Fossilisation (Taphonomy), Biogeography and Biostratigraphy pp. A167–182. The Geological Society of America, Inc.: Boulder (Colorado), and The University of Kansas: Lawrence (Kansas).

[B70] Bulman, O. M. B. 1970. Graptolithina with sections on Enteropneusta and Pterobranchia. In: Teichert, C. (ed.) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt V 2nd ed. pp. V1–V149. The Geological Society of America, Inc.: Boulder (Colorado), and the University of Kansas: Lawrence (Kansas).

[K-D04] Kozłowska-Dawidziuk, A. 2004. Evolution of retiolitid graptolites—a synopsis. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 49 (4): 505–518.

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