Protoribates (Protoribates)

Protoribates lophothrichus, copyright R. Penttinen.

Belongs within: Haplozetidae.

The type subgenus of the genus Protoribates is a cosmopolitan group of oribatid mites (Subías 2004), albeit one of uncertain composition owing to confusion over the identity of the type species. True Protoribates have movable pteromorphs and had previously been referred to by the junior name Xylobates (Colloff & Halliday 1998).

Characters (from Balogh & Balogh 1992a, as Protoribates and Xylobates): Prodorsum with lamellae present, translamella absent; interlamellar setae long. Dorsosejugal suture present. Notogaster smooth; ten pairs of notogastral setae short but present; four pairs of areae porosae; areae porosae Aa, A2 and A3 round; pteromorphs well developed, movable. Four to six pairs of genital setae; one pair of aggenital setae; two pairs of anal setae; three pairs of adanal setae. Legs monodactyle.

<==Protoribates Berlese 1908 (Protoribates) (see below for synonymy) S04
    |--*P. (P.) dentatus (Berlese 1883) S04 (see below for synonymy) S04
    |--P. (P.) albidus (Ewing 1908) S04 [=Oribata albida S04, Oribatula albida CH98, *Propescheloribates albidus CH98]
    |--P. (P.) angulatus Choi 1986 S04
    |--P. (P.) antillensis (Mahunka 1985) [=Xylobates antillensis] S04
    |--P. (P.) bayanicus Bayartogtokh 2000 S04
    |--P. (P.) boraboraensis Sellnick 1959 S04
    |--P. (P.) brevisetosus (Fujita 1989) [=Xylobates brevisetosus] S04
    |--P. (P.) capucinus Berlese 1908 S04 [=Xylobates capucinus BB92]
    |    |--P. c. capucinus S04 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--P. c. bonairensis Willmann 1936 S04
    |    `--P. c. tentaculus Mihelčič 1958 S04
    |--P. (P.) concretus (Kramer 1898) (n. d.) [=Oribata concreta] S04
    |--P. (P.) crassisetiger Choi 1986 S04
    |    |--P. c. crassisetiger S04
    |    `--P. c. nipponicus Fujita 1989 S04
    |--P. (P.) diani (Mahunka 1986) [=Xylobates diani] S04
    |--P. (P.) geonjiensis Choi 1994 S04
    |--P. (P.) gracilis (Aoki 1982) [=Xylobates gracilis] S04
    |--P. (P.) hakonensis Aoki 1994 S04
    |--P. (P.) halleri (Michael 1898) (n. d.) [=Oribata halleri; incl. O. simplex Haller 1884 non Gervais 1849] S04
    |--P. (P.) imperfectus (Banks 1906) [=Galumna imperfecta] S04
    |--P. (P.) iracemae Pérez-Íñigo & Baggio 1994 S04
    |--P. (P.) longiuscula (Koch 1841) (n. d.) [=Zetes longiuscula] S04
    |--P. (P.) lophothrichus (Berlese 1904) S04 (see below for synonymy)
    |--P. (P.) madagascarensis (Balogh 1961) [=Scheloribates madagascarensis] S04
    |--P. (P.) magnus Aoki 1982 S04
    |--P. (P.) mollicoma (Hammer 1973) [=Xylobates mollicoma] S04
    |--P. (P.) myrmecophilus Aoki & Ito 1997 S04
    |--P. (P.) nagaroensis (Fujita 1989) [=Xylobates nagaroensis] S04
    |--P. (P.) natalensis (Pletzen 1963) [=Scheloribates natalensis] S04
    |--P. (P.) oblongus (Ewing 1909) [=Oribata oblonga; incl. O. longa Ewing 1909, Xylobates longisetae Jacot 1937] S04
    |--P. (P.) paracapucinus (Mahunka 1988) [=Xylobates paracapucinus] S04
    |--P. (P.) ‘parvulus’ Willmann 1931 non Berlese 1916 S04
    |--P. (P.) pembertoni (Jacot 1934) [=Xylobates pembertoni] S04
    |--‘Xylobates’ punctulatus (Sellnick 1925) C-R79
    |--P. (P.) robustior (Jacot 1937) (see below for synonymy) S04
    |--P. (P.) rodriguezi (Mahunka 1988) [=Xylobates rodriguezi] S04
    |--P. (P.) rotundus (Aoki 2002) [=Xylobates rotundus] S04
    |--P. (P.) souchnaiensis Abdel-Hamid 1964 S04
    |--P. (P.) tenuis (Wen, Aoki & Wang 1984) [=Xylobates tenuis] S04
    |--P. (P.) triangularis (Hammer 1971) [=Xylobates triangularis] S04
    |--P. (P.) varisetiger (Wen, Aoki & Wang 1984) [=Xylobates varisetiger] S04
    `--P. (P.) yezoensis (Fujikawa 1983) [=Xylobates yezoensis] S04

Protoribates Berlese 1908 (Protoribates) [incl. Alloribates Banks 1947, Propescheloribates Jacot 1936, Styloribates Jacot 1934, Xylobates Jacot 1929] S04

Protoribates (Protoribates) capucinus capucinus Berlese 1908 S04 [incl. Xylobates capucinus angustior Jacot 1937 S04, *Alloribates singularis Banks 1947 CH98, S04]

*Protoribates (Protoribates) dentatus (Berlese 1883) S04 [=Oribata dentata S04, Pr. (Scheloribates) dentatus B16; incl. Oribata monodactyla Haller 1884 S04, Oribates monodactylus S59, Protoribates monodactylus B61, Xylobates monodactylus C-R79, Peloribates vastus Mihelčič 1956 S04]

Protoribates (Protoribates) lophothrichus (Berlese 1904) S04 [=Oribata lophothricha S04, Oribates lophotrichus CH98, *Xylobates lophotrichus CH98; incl. *Styloribates pectinatus Jacot 1934 CH98, S04, Scheloribates pectinatus P63, Xylobates prionotus Woolley 1968 S04]

Protoribates (Protoribates) robustior (Jacot 1937) [=Xylobates oblongus robustior; incl. X. capucinus robustior Jacot 1937 non X. oblongus robustior Jacot 1937] S04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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