Dorsal (left) and ventral views of Brachioppia cuscensis, from Balogh & Balogh (1992 vol. 2).

Belongs within: Oppiidae.

Brachioppia is a genus of oppiid oribatid mites found in tropical and subtropical parts of the world except Australia (Subías 2004).

Characters (from Balogh & Balogh 1992): Prodosrum with costulae, lamellar and translamellar lines absent. Notogaster without protruding humeral processes; crista absent; with nine pairs of setae; setae la originating at same transverse level as setae lm. Genital plates with six pairs of setae. Setae ad1 paraanal; fissure iad inverse apoanal.

<==Brachioppia Hammer 1961 S04
    |--*B. cuscensis Hammer 1961 S04
    |--B. cajamarcensis Hammer 1961 S04
    |--B. deliciosa Hammer 1961 (see below for synonymy) S04
    |--B. excrescens Mahunka 1985 S04
    |--B. glabra Franklin & Woas 1992 S04
    |--B. koki Mahunka 1985 S04
    |--B. palmata Mahunka 1985 S04
    |--B. triglochin (Balogh & Mahunka 1977) [=Oppia triglochin] S04
    |--B. triramosa (Sellnick 1924) [=Dameosoma triramosum] S04
    `--B. tropicalis Pérez-Íñigo & Baggio 1980 S04

Brachioppia deliciosa Hammer 1961 [incl. Oppia guarani Balogh & Mahunka 1981, O. pseudocostulata Balogh & Mahunka 1969] S04

*Type species of generic name indicated


Balogh, J., & P. Balogh. 1992. The Oribatid Mites Genera of the World vol. 1. Hungarian Natural History Museum: Budapest.

[S04] Subías, L. S. 2004. Listado sistemático, sinonímico y biogeográfico de los ácaros oribátidos (Acariformes, Oribatida) del mundo (1758–2002). Graellsia 60 (número extraordinario): 3–305.

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