Male Calommata simoni, from Fourie et al. (2011). Scale bar = 5 mm.

Belongs within: Araneae.
Contains: Avicularoidea.

The Mygalomorphae are one of the main clades of spiders, characterised by chelicerae with fangs closing down the longitudinal axis of the body.

Synapomorphies (from Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007): Labium and endites with cuspules; sternum with sigilla; anterior median spinnerets absent; anterior lateral spinnerets reduced; posterior lateral spinnerets with three or four segments; number of male palpal sclerites reduced.

<==Mygalomorphae [Fornicephalae, Terretelariae]
    |  i. s.: Megarachne servinei Hünicken 1980 S02
    |         Eodiplurina cockerelli Petrunkevitch 1922 S02
    |         Pelecodon Doleschall 1859 D59
    |           `--*P. sundaicus Doleschall 1859 D59
    |--+--Avicularoidea JD-S07
    |  `--Mecicobothriidae S02
    |       |--Megahexura Kaston 1972 JD-S07
    |       |--Hexura Simon 1884 JD-S07
    |       |--Hexurella Gertsch & Platnick 1979 JD-S07
    |       `--Mecicobothrium Holmberg 1882 JD-S07
    |            `--M. thorelli JD-S07
    `--Atypoidea [Atypoidina] JD-S07
         |--Antrodiaetidae S02
         |    |--Aliatypus Smith 1908 JD-S07
         |    |--Atypoides P.-Cambridge 1883 JD-S07
         |    `--Antrodiaetus Ausserer 1871 JD-S07
         |         `--A. pacificus JD-S07
         `--Atypidae JD-S07
              |--Sphodros Walckenaer 1835 JD-S07
              |--Atypus Latreille 1804 JD-S07
              |    `--A. affinis Eichwald 1830 S02
              `--Calommata Lucas 1837 JD-S07
                   `--C. simoni JD-S07

*Type species of generic name indicated


[D59] Doleschall, C. L. 1859. Tweede Bijdrage tot de kennis der Arachniden van den Indischen Archipel. Verhandelingen der Natuurkundige Vereeniging in Nederlandsch Indie [Acta Societatis Scientiarum Indo-Neêrlandicae] 5 (5): 1–60, pls 1–18.

[JD-S07] Jocqué, R., & A. S. Dippenaar-Schoeman. 2007. Spider Families of the World. Royal Museum for Central Africa: Tervuren (Belgium).

[S02] Selden, P. A. 2002. First British Mesozoic spider, from Cretaceous amber of the Isle of Wight, southern England. Palaeontology 45 (5): 973–983.

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  1. Megarachne servinei got reclassified as an eurypterid.


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