Dorsal (A), lateral (B) and ventral (C) views and leg I (D) of Teratoppia centroamericana, from Norton & Behan-Pelletier (2009).

Belongs within: Circumdehiscentiae.

The Teratoppiidae are a near-pantropical group (absent in Australia) of oribatid mites with characteristic expanded tibiae bearing lateral apophyses.

Characters (from Norton & Behan-Pelletier 2009): Length 300–450 µm. Gnathosoma normale; chelicerae with dentate chelae, two setae; rutella normally developed. Prodorsum without true lamellae. Notogaster without scalps; octotaxic system absent; dorsophragamata and pleurophragmata absent; paired opisthonotal glands opening directly on notogaster. Epimera III–IV not distinctly delineated, border of epimere III not visible. Genital plates with six pairs of setae. Tibiae I–II expanded laterally, with apophyses; tarsi I–II longer than tibiae I–II; proral setae of tarsi setiform.

    |--Granuloteratoppia Balogh 1988 S04
    |    `--*G. annulata Balogh 1988 S04
    |--Leoppia Pérez-Íñigo 1983 S04
    |    `--*L. longicoma Pérez-Íñigo 1983 S04
    |--Brasiloppia Pérez-Íñigo & Baggio 1986 S04
    |    `--*B. flechtmanni Pérez-Íñigo & Baggio 1986 S04
    `--Teratoppia Balogh 1959 S04
         |--T. (Teratoppia) [incl. Cretoppia Mahunka 1986] S04
         |    |--*T. (T.) calcarata Balogh 1959 S04
         |    |--T. (T.) brasiliensis Pérez-Íñigo & Baggio 1996 S04
         |    |--T. (T.) ciliata Wallwork 1961 S04
         |    |--T. (T.) creta (Mahunka 1986) [=Cretoppia creta] S04
         |    |--T. (T.) minor Wallwork 1961 S04
         |    |--T. (T.) reducta Balogh & Mahunka 1969 S04
         |    |--T. (T.) translamellata Mahunka 1983 S04
         |    `--T. (T.) uspiensis Pérez-Íñigo & Baggio 1980 S04
         `--T. (Teratoppiella Balogh 1983) S04
              |--T. (*T.) brevipectinata Balogh & Mahunka 1978 S04
              |--T. (T.) ardua (Pérez-Íñigo & Baggio 1997) [=Teratoppiella ardua] S04
              |--T. (T.) centroamericana Woas 1986 S04
              |--T. (T.) fimbriata (Mahunka 1983) [=Teratoppiella fimbriata] S04
              |--T. (T.) pectinata Balogh 1961 S04
              |--T. (T.) pluripectinata Balogh & Mahunka 1978 (see below for synonymy) S04
              `--T. (T.) regalis Mahunka 1983 S04

Teratoppia (Teratoppiella) pluripectinata Balogh & Mahunka 1978 [incl. T. baloghi Pérez-Íñigo & Baggio 1980, T. pectinata Balogh & Mahunka 1969 non Balogh 1961] S04

*Type species of generic name indicated


Norton, R. A., & V. M. Behan-Pelletier. 2009. Suborder Oribatida. In: Krantz, G. W., & D. E. Walter (eds) A Manual of Acarology 3rd ed. pp. 430–564. Texas Tech University Press.

[S04] Subías, L. S. 2004. Listado sistemático, sinonímico y biogeográfico de los ácaros oribátidos (Acariformes, Oribatida) del mundo (1758–2002). Graellsia 60 (número extraordinario): 3–305.

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