Nemesia sp., copyright Ferran Pestaña.

Belongs within: Avicularoidea.
Contains: Anamini.

The Nemesiidae are a fairly generalised family of mygalomorph spiders characterised by a double row of teeth on the paired leg claws, at least in females. They live in silk-lined burrows of various forms, with some species closing their burrow with a lid. In most subfamilies, both males and females have biserially dentate leg claws but in males of the subfamily Bemmerinae the teeth are arranged in an S-shaped row (Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007).

Characters (from Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007): Medium-sized to very large; cephalic region low; eight eyes present in two rows; palpal claw of female with teeth on promargin; tarsi with scopulae, three tarsal claws present or rarely two, paired claws broad, biserially dentate; four spinnerets present, apical segment of posterior spinnerets digitiform.

<==Nemesiidae [Nemesieae]
    |--Bemmerinae JD-S07
    |--Diplothelopsinae JD-S07
    |--Anaminae LP08
    |    |  i. s.: Acanthogonatus LP08
    |    |         Hermacha LP08
    |    `--Anamini MF09
    |--Ixamatus R14 [=Ixalus Koch 1873 (preoc.) R14; Ixamatinae JD-S07]
    |    |--*I. varius (Koch 1873) [=Ixalus varius, Hapalothele varia] R14
    |    |--I. broomii R14
    |    |--I. distinctus Rainbow 1914 R14
    |    `--I. gregorii R14
    |--Pycnothelinae LP08
    |    |--Chaco LP08
    |    |--Hermachura LP08
    |    |--Prorachias LP08
    |    |--Psalistopoides LP08
    |    |--Pselligmus LP08
    |    |--Pycnothele LP08
    |    |--Rachias LP08
    |    |--Stenoterommata LP08
    |    `--Neostothis Vellard 1925 LP08
    |         `--*N. gigas Vellard 1925 LP08
    `--Nemesia Audouin 1826 [Nemesiinae] JD-S07
         |--N. badia R13
         |--N. bristowei Decae 2005 F05
         |--N. caementaria R95
         |--N. corsica Simon 1914 K55
         |--N. dubia K55
         |--N. ibiza Decae 2005 F05
         |--N. kahmanni Kraus 1955 K55
         |--N. randa Decae 2005 F05
         |--N. santeugenia Decae 2005 F05
         |--N. santeulalia Decae 2005 F05
         |--N. seldeni Decae 2005 F05
         `--N. valenciae Kraus 1955 K55

Nemesiidae incertae sedis:
  ‘Trechona’ adspersa Bertkau 1880 PCBFF08
  Stanwellia Rainbow & Pulleine 1918 MF09
    |--S. bipectinata (Todd 1945) [=Aparua bipectinata] PVD10
    |--S. hapua (Forster 1968) [=Aparua hapua] PVD10
    |--S. hollowayi (Forster 1968) [=Aparua hollowayi] PVD10
    |--S. houhora (Forster 1968) [=Aparua houhora] PVD10
    |--S. kaituna (Forster 1968) [=Aparua kaituna] NS00
    |--S. media (Forster 1968) [=Aparua media] PVD10
    |--S. puna (Forster 1968) [=Aparua puna] PVD10
    |--S. regia (Forster 1968) [=Aparua regia] PVD10
    |--S. taranga (Forster 1968) [=Aparua taranga] PVD10
    `--S. tuna (Forster 1968) [=Aparua tuna] PVD10
  Cretamygale Selden 2002 S02
    `--*C. chasei Selden 2002 S02
  Scalidognathus Karsch 1892 K92
    `--*S. seticeps Karsch 1892 K92
  Merredinia Main 1983 MF09
  Pseudoteyl Main 1985 MF09
  Teylini M12
    |--Teyl Main 1975 MF09
    `--Teyloides M12
  Entypesa JD-S07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 26 January 2022.

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