Male Agroeca brunnea, copyright Benedikt.

Belongs within: Entelegynae.

The Liocranidae are a family of ground-hunting spiders found in forest litter.

Characters (from Jocqué & Dippenaar-Schoeman 2007): Small to medium-sized; usually eight eyes present in two rows, sometimes reduced to four; legs with two tarsal claws; ecribellate; posterior spinnerets with cylindrical gland spigots; female with posterior median spinnerets flattened; male palp with median apophysis; entelegyne.

    |--Scotina palliardi (Koch 1881) K02
    |--Itatsina Kishida 1930 TYM08
    |--Cybaeodes [Cybaeodinae] JD-S07
    |    `--C. madidus JD-S07
    |--Mesiotelus Simon 1897 MG03
    |    |--M. kulczynskii Charitonov 1946 MG03
    |    `--M. tenuissimus (Koch 1866) K55
    |--Phrurolithus K55 [Phrurolithinae JD-S07]
    |    |--P. festivus (Koch 1835) K55
    |    |--P. flavitarsis (Lucas 1846) K55
    |    `--P. minimus Koch 1839 VPB11
    |--Liocranum Koch 1866 [Liocraninae] JD-S07
    |    |--L. concolor Kraus 1955 K55
    |    |--L. giersbergi Kraus 1955 K55
    |    |--L. rupicola (Walckenaer 1825) K55
    |    |--L. rutilans K55
    |    `--L. segmentatum K55
    `--Agroeca Westring 1861 MG03
         |--A. brunnea (Blackwall 1833) K02
         |--A. cuprea Menge 1873 BBM02
         |--A. dentigera RKD02
         |--A. dubiosissima (Strand 1908) [=Hilke dubiosissima] J98
         |--A. inopina V09
         |--A. lusatica (Koch 1875) BBM02
         |--A. ornata Banks 1892 PS08
         `--A. proxima (O.P.-Cambridge 1871) K02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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