Trifolium section Euamoria

White clover Trifolium repens, copyright Forest & Kim Starr.

Belongs within: Trifolium.

The section Euamoria of the genus Trifolium is a group of clovers characterised by the absence of an involucral bract around each inflorescence and entire stipules (Basto Folque 1949).

Characters (from Basto Folque 1949): Inflorescence without involucral bract. Flowers bracteate; calyx with 10 nerves, not intumescent-vesicular after anthesis; petals white or pink. Stipules entire.

<==Trifolium sect. Euamoria
    |--T. subsect. Amoria BF49
    |    |--T. cernuum Brotero 1816 BF49
    |    |    |--T. c. f. typicum BF49
    |    |    `--T. c. f. intermedium BF49
    |    |--T. isthmocarpum Brotero 1816 BF49
    |    |--T. michelianum Savi 1911 BF49
    |    |--T. nigrescens BF49
    |    |    |--T. n. f. nigrescens BF49
    |    |    `--T. n. f. gracile BF49
    |    |--T. parviflorum BF49
    |    `--T. repens BF49
    |         |--T. r. var. repens BF49
    |         |--T. r. var. giganteum BF49
    |         `--T. r. var. microphyllum BF49
    `--T. subsect. Micranthemum BF49
         |--T. glomeratum BF49
         `--T. suffocatum BF49

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BF49] Basto Folque, N. A. P. de. 1949. Subsídios para o estudo do género Trifolium L. em Portugal. Melhoramento 1 (2): 11–120, est. I–XXIII.

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