Myriopathes japonica, photographed by Jong-Kwan Choi.

Belongs within: Antipatharia.

Myriopathes is a genus of antipatharian corals bearing subpinnulate pinnules, with the primary pinnules arranged in two rows (Opresko 2001).

Characters (from Opresko 2001): Corallum flabellate or bushy. Stem and branches pinnulate to the second order or more. Primary pinnules arranged biserially and alternately in two lateral or anterolateral rows. Secondary pinnules uniserial at base of primary pinnules, becoming biserial distally. Uniserial secondary pinnules usually projecting out of plane formed by biserial primary pinules. When present, tertiary pinnules developing on secondary pinnules closest to base of primary pinnule.

<==Myriopathes Opresko 2001 O01
    |--*M. myriophylla (Pallas 1766) [=Antipathes myriophylla] O01
    |--M. antrocrada (Opresko 1999) [=Antipathes antrocrada] O01
    |--M. bifaria (Brook 1889) [=Antipathes bifaria] O01
    |--M. japonica (Brook 1889) [=Antipathes japonica] O01
    |--M. lata (Silberfeld 1909) [=Antipathes lata] O01
    |--M. panamensis (Verrill 1869) [=Antipathes panamensis] O01
    |--M. rugosa (Thomson & Simpson 1905) [=Aphanipathes rugosa] O01
    |--M. spinosa (Carter 1880) [=Hydradendrium spinosum] O01
    |--M. stechowi (Pax 1932) [=Aphanipathes stechowi] O01
    `--M. ulex (Ellis & Solander 1786) [=Antipathes ulex] O01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[O01] Opresko, D. M. 2001. Revision of the Antipatharia (Cnidaria: Anthozoa). Part I. Establishment of a new family, Myriopathidae. Zoologische Mededelingen 75 (17): 343-370.

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  1. so interesting . iam fron central merica im recently get a black coral i speck myri.panamensis


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