Individual of Prosoeca sp. feeding on flower of Babiana praemorsa, from Harald W. Krenn.

Belongs within: Brachycera.

The Nemestrinidae are a group of medium to large, compact, usually hairy flies with parasitic larvae. Eggs are laid in cracks and crevices in wood, with the mobile first-instar larvae seeking a suitable host. Most develop as endoparasites of beetle larvae or pupae; some are parasites of locusts (Askew 1971).

Characters (from Colless & McAlpine 1991): Antennal segment 3 simple and styliform, or terminating in a slender, simple or three-segmented style; veins R4+5 and M1+2 fused to form a strong composite oblque vein; tibiae without apical spurs; empodium pulvilliform; cerci of female unsegmented, sometimes conspicuously long.

    |--Archinemestriinae BLM02
    |--Nemestrininae BLM02
    `--Hirmoneura GE05 [Hirmoneurinae BLM02]
         `--H. elenae GE05

Nemestrinidae incertae sedis:
  Protonemestrius rohdendorfi GE05, BLM02
  Trichopsidea [incl. Symmictus] A71
    `--T. clausa A71
  Neorhyncocephalus sackenii M90
  Prohirmoneura jurassica GE05
  Florinemestrius GE05
  Sinonemestrius GE05
  Iberomosca ponomarenkoi GE05
  Prosoeca H61
    |--P. accincta (Wiedemann 1830) [=Nemestrina accincta] H61
    |--P. caffraria Lichtwardt 1910 H61
    |--P. saxea GE05
    `--P. umbrosa H61
  Nemestrius incertus GE05
  Moegistorrhynchus longirostris GE05
  Atriadops vespertilio (Loew 1858) [=Colax vespertilio] H61
  Trichophthalma WT11

*Type species of generic name indicated


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