Hatching sugarbeet cyst nematode Heterodera schachtii, from Howard Ferris.

Belongs within: Tylenchoidea.

The Heteroderinae are a group of nematodes of which juveniles and females are sedentary endoparasites of plant roots, while adult males do not feed. Females of a number of genera form hardened cysts.

Characters (from Wouts & Sher 1971): Female with no irregular body annules around perineum; excretory pore posterior to median bulb; lip region with two lateral lips narrower than four sublateral; stylet more than 20 µm. Second-stage juvenile with lips of labial region similar to female with well developed framework; stylet robust, more than 20 µm. Third- and fourth-stage juveniles with stylet well developed, more than 20 µm. Male with lips and labial region similar to female; testis single, with blunt anterior end.

    |--Verutus volvingentis W02
    |--Cryphodera utahensis W02
    |--Globodera W02
    |    |--G. pallida W02
    |    |--G. rostochiensis [=Heterodera rostochiensis] L02
    |    `--G. tabacum P02
    `--Heterodera W02
         |--H. avenae W02
         |--H. cajani P02
         |--H. carotae P02
         |--H. cruciferae P02
         |--H. galeopsidis P02
         |--H. glycines P02
         |--H. goettingiana W02
         |--H. humuli P02
         |--H. iri P02
         |--H. sacchari P02
         |--H. schachtii W02
         |--H. sorghi P02
         |--H. trifolii P02
         |--H. xylophilus TG02
         `--H. zeae P02

*Type species of generic name indicated


[L02] Lee, D. L. 2002. Cuticle, moulting and exsheathment. In The Biology of Nematodes (D. L. Lee, ed.) pp. 171-209. Taylor & Francis: Florence (Kentucky).

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Wouts, W. M., & S. A. Sher. 1971. The genera of the subfamily Heteroderinae (Nematoda: Tylenchoidea) with a description of two new genera. Journal of Nematology 3 (2): 129-144.

[W02] Wyss, U. 2002. Feeding behaviour of plant-parasitic nematodes. In The Biology of Nematodes (D. L. Lee, ed.) pp. 233-259. Taylor & Francis: Florence (Kentucky).

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