Keroplatus tipuloides, from MacroID.

Belongs within: Sciaroidea.
Contains: Macrocera, Platyura.

The Keroplatidae is a group of fungus gnats whose larvae live in webs or mucous tubes in secluded habitats. Larvae feed on fungal spores or small animals caught in the web. The glowworms Arachnocampa of Australia and New Zealand produce light to lure prey; some Keroplatinae are also luminous.

Characters (from Vockeroth 2009): Body length 2.3–8.8 mm. Colour yellow to brown or black, often patterned. Usually three ocelli, middle ocellus small or rarely absent. Antenna with fourteen flagellomeres. Scutum uniformly setose or with bare longitudinal stripes; scutellum with posterior row of setae or with dorsal surface extensively setose. Scutellum sometimes with large membranous triangular basal area. Mediotergite bare. Pleural sclerites and prosternum variously haired or bare. Wing with Sc ending in C; R2+3 present, ending in R1 or C; base of M strong, weak or absent; Rs and M briefly fused at about one-third wing length. Foretibia with one apical spur, other tibiae with one or two spurs.

<==Keroplatidae [Ceroplatidae]
    |--Arachnocampa Edwards 1924 TE27 [Arachnocampidae, Arachnocampinae V09]
    |    |--*A. luminosa (Skuse 1891) [=Bolitophila luminosa] TE27
    |    |--A. flava WT11
    |    `--A. tasmaniensis N70
    |--Macrocerinae [Macroceratidae, Macroceridae] V09
    |    |--Paramacrocera Tonnoir & Edwards 1927 TE27
    |    |    `--*P. brevicornis Edwards in Tonnoir & Edwards 1927 TE27
    |    |--Eomacroceritis Hong 2002 H02
    |    |    `--*E. melanopoda (Hong 1974) [=Macrocera melanopoda] H02
    |    `--Macrocera V09
    `--Keroplatinae [Ceroplatinae] V09
         |  i. s.: Planarivora insignis V81
         |         Euceroplatus V81
         |           |--E. gressitti O98
         |           `--E. incolumis V81
         |         Hesperodes johnsoni V81
         |         Robsonomyia reducta V81
         |         Macrorrhyncha coxalis V81
         |         Asindulum montanum V81
         |         Paleoplatyura johnsoni V81
         |         Cerotelion V81
         |           |--C. bimaculatus Tonnoir in Tonnoir & Edwards 1927 TE27
         |           |--C. dendyi (Marshall 1896) [=Ceroplatus dendyi] TE27
         |           |--C. hudsoni (Marshall 1896) [=Ceroplatus hudsoni] TE27
         |           |--C. johannseni V81
         |           |--C. leucoceras (Marshall 1896) [=Ceroplatus leucoceras] TE27
         |           |--C. niger Tonnoir in Tonnoir & Edwards 1927 TE27
         |           |--C. tapleyi Edwards in Tonnoir & Edwards 1927 TE27
         |           `--C. vitripennis Tonnoir in Tonnoir & Edwards 1927 TE27
         |         Platyura V81
         |         Eoplatyura Hong 2002 H02
         |           `--*E. noda (Hong 1981) [=Platyura noda] H02
         |         Palaeoplatyura SS51
         |         Platyroptilon miersi SS51
         |         Apemon SS51
         |         Fenderomyia SS51
         |--Keroplatini V09
         |    |--Placoceratias V09
         |    |--Setostylus V09
         |    |--Ctenoceridion V09
         |    |--Heteropterna cressoni V09, V81
         |    |--Neoceroplatus V09
         |    `--Keroplatus Ross 1792 [=Ceroplatus Fabricius 1798] H02
         |         |--K. clausus V09
         |         |--K. mangalorensis Edwards 1929 G60
         |         |--K. mastersi Skuse 1888 G60
         |         |--‘Ceroplatus’ sessiodes RD77
         |         `--K. tipuloides L02
         `--Orfeliini V09
              |--Micrapemon V09
              |--Lapyruta V09
              |--Proceroplatus V09
              |--Pseudoplatyura truncata Tonnoir in Tonnoir & Edwards 1927 V09, TE27
              |--Isoneuromyia V09
              |--Neoplatyura V09
              |--Pyrtaula fenestralis V09, O98
              |--Xenoplatyura V09
              |--Plautyra V09
              |--Lyprauta V09
              |--Apyrtula V09
              |--Orfelia V09
              |    |--O. fenestralis CM91
              |    |--O. genualis V81
              |    `--O. nemoralis TC04 [=Platyura nemoralis M83]
              `--Neoditomyia V09
                   |--N. spinosa L88
                   `--+--N. andina L88
                      `--N. troglophila L88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 4 February 2021.

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