Echinoencrinites angulosus, from here.

Belongs within: Glyptocystitida.

The Echinoencrinitidae are a group of Lower Ordovician to Upper Silurian cystoids with a generally distinctly shaped theca, with short ambulacra and a protruding periproct.

Characters (from Kesling 1967): Theca ovate to subglobular, modified by typically produced periproct. Ambulacra short, restricted to crown. Pore rhombs few.

<==Echinoencrinitidae [Echinoencrininae, Scoliocystidae]
    |--Schizocystis Jaekel 1895 [Schizocystinae] K67
    |    `--*S. armata (Forbes 1848) [=Echinoencrinus armatus] K67
    |--Scoliocystis Jaekel 1899 K67
    |    |--*S. pumilus (Eichwald 1860) [=Caryocystites pumilus] K67
    |    `--S. thersites K67
    |--Glaphyrocystis Jaekel 1899 K67
    |    |--*G. woehrmanni Jaekel 1899 K67
    |    `--G. compressa K67
    |--Prunocystites Forbes 1848 [=Prunocystis Carpenter 1891] K67
    |    |--*P. fletcheri Forbes 1848 [=*Prunocystis fletcheri] K67
    |    `--P. baccatus K67
    |--Eutretocystis Phleger 1935 K67
    |    |--*E. similis Phleger 1935 K67
    |    `--E. acutirostris K67
    |--Proctocystis Regnéll 1945 K67
    |    |--*P. monstruosa Regnéll 1945 K67
    |    `--P. rossica K67
    |--Erinocystis Jaekel 1899 K67
    |    |--*E. sculpta Jaekel 1899 K67
    |    |--E. angulata K67
    |    |--E. broeggeri K67
    |    `--E. volborthi K67
    `--Echinoencrinites von Meyer 1826 (see below for synonymy) K67
         |--*E. senckenbergii von Meyer 1826 [incl. Echinosphaerites granatum von Schlotheim 1826] K67
         |    |--E. s. senckenbergii K67
         |    `--E. s. acutangulus K67
         |--E. angulosus K67
         |    |--E. a. angulosus K67
         |    `--E. a. comptus K67
         |--E. interlaevigatus K67
         |--E. laevigatus K67
         |--E. lahuseni K67
         |--E. reticulatus K67
         |--E. simplicatus K67
         |--E. sphaeroidalis K67
         `--E. striatus K67

Echinoencrinites von Meyer 1826 [=Echinoencrinus Volborth 1842, Euchinoencrinites (l. c.); incl. Gonocrinites Eichwald 1840, Gonocrinus Eichwald 1859, Sycocystites von Buch 1846, Cyclocystites (l. c.), Sycocystes (l. c.), Sycocystis Haeckel 1896] K67

*Type species of generic name indicated


[K67] Kesling, R. V. 1967. Cystoids. In Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt. S. Echinodermata 1. General characters. Homalozoa-Crinozoa (except Crinoidea) (R. C. Moore, ed.) vol. 1 pp. S85-S267. The Geological Society of America, Inc., and The University of Kansas: Lawrence (Kansas).

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