Koch's sandgroper Cylindraustralia kochii, photographed by Terry Houston.

Belongs within: Caelifera.

The Tridactyloidea are a group of burrowing, cricket-like orthopterans characterised by tarsi with two segments in the fore and mid legs, and only a single segment (if tarsi are present at all) in the hind legs (Rentz 1996).

    |--Rhipipteryx R18 [Rhipipterygidae GE05]
    |    `--R. circumcincta Saussure 1874 R18
    |--Cylindrachetidae [Oryttica] GE05
    |    |--Cylindroryctes spegazzinii R96
    |    |--Cylindracheta R96
    |    |    |--C. campbelli R96
    |    |    |--C. kochii R96
    |    |    `--C. psammophila R91
    |    `--Cylindraustralia R96
    |         |--C. acuta R96
    |         |--C. arenivaga R96
    |         |--C. cookensis R96
    |         |--C. divisa R96
    |         |--C. granulata R96
    |         |--C. karumbensis R96
    |         |--C. kochii R96
    |         |--C. parakochia R96
    |         |--C. parvitarsata R96
    |         |--C. setosa R96
    |         |--C. tindalei R96
    |         `--C. ustulata R96
    `--Tridactylidae TW05
         |  i. s.: Monodactylus dolichopterus GR02
         |         Mongoloxya ponomarenkoi GR02
         |         Ellipes TW05
         |           |--E. gurneyi K02
         |           `--E. minutus TW05
         |         Cratodactylus ferreirai Martins-Neto 1990 RJ93
         |--Dentridactylus [Dentridactylinae] R96
         |    |--D. albosignatus R96
         |    `--D. keyi R96
         `--Tridactylinae R96
              |--Tridactylus R96
              |    |--T. australicus R96
              |    |--T. mutus R96
              |    `--T. paradoxus L02
              `--Xya R96
                   |--X. muta R96
                   |--X. nautarrae R96
                   |--X. nitobae R96
                   |--X. pseudomuta R96
                   |--X. smithersi R96
                   `--X. unicolor R96

*Type species of generic name indicated


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