Guadeloupe stick insects Lamponius guerini, copyright Drägüs.

Belongs within: Phasmatodea.

The Pseudophasmatidae are a group of stick insects in which the femora of the fore legs have four distinct edges.

<==Pseudophasmatidae Z04
    |--Pseudophasmatinae WBM03
    |    |--Pseudophasma rufipes WBM03
    |    |--Paraphasma rufipes TW05
    |    `--Anisomorpha WBM03
    |         |--A. buprestoides K91
    |         `--A. ferruginea WBM03
    `--Xerosomatinae Z04
         |--Xerosomatini Z04
         `--Hesperophasmatini Z04
              |--Hesperophasma Rehn 1904 Z04
              |--Rhynchacris Redtenbacher 1908 Z04
              |--Taraxippus Moxey 1971 Z04
              |--Agamemnon Z04
              `--Lamponius Stål 1875 [incl. Antillophilus Carl 1913, Hypocyrtus Redtenbacher 1908] Z04
                   |--*L. guerini (Saussure 1868) [=Pygirhynchus guerini] Z04
                   |--*Antillophilus’ brevitarsus Carl 1913 Z04
                   `--*Hypocyrtus’ substrumosus Redtenbacher 1908 Z04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[WBM03] Whiting, M. F., S. Bradler & T. Maxwell. 2003. Loss and recovery of wings in stick insects. Nature 421: 264–267.

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