Japanese pagoda tree Sophora japonica, from here.

Belongs within: Papilionoideae.

The Sophoreae are a primarily tropical tribe of the Papilionoideae, many members of which are small trees. Members lack clear morphological synapomorphies but are generally characterised by free stamens (Cardoso et al. 2013). They include the necklacepod Sophora tomentosa, a pantropical small tree found in coastal regions with sea-drifted seeds.

    |  i. s.: Ammothamnus CP13
    |         Anagyris foetida CP13, H97
    |         Euchresta CP13
    |         Platycelyphium CP13
    |         Salweenia CP13
    |--+--Bolusanthus speciosus CP13
    |  `--Dicraeopetalum stipulare CP13
    `--+--Maackia amurensis CP13
       |    |--M. a. var. amurensis LO98
       |    `--M. a. var. buergeri LO98
       |--Thermopsis [Thermopsideae] CP13
       |    |  i. s.: T. barbata O88
       |    |         T. macrophylla H93
       |    |           |--T. m. var. macrophylla [incl. T. macrophylla var. agnina] H93
       |    |           |--T. m. var. argentata H93
       |    |           |--T. m. var. semota H93
       |    |           `--T. m. var. venosa [incl. T. gracilis] H93
       |    |         T. montana AB03
       |    |--+--T. alpina CP13
       |    |  |--T. lanceolata CP13
       |    |  `--Piptanthus nepalensis CP13
       |    `--+--T. rhombifolia CP13
       |       `--Baptisia CP13
       |            |--B. alba R56
       |            |--B. australis CP13
       |            `--B. leucophaea V72
       `--+--Ammopiptanthus CP13
          |    |--A. mongolicus CP13
          |    `--A. nanus CP13
          `--Sophora Linnaeus 1753 CP13, A61
               |  i. s.: S. chrysophylla HSS13
               |         S. inhambanensis CP13
               |         S. japonica MH98
               |         S. pachycarpa KU02
               |         S. tomentosa CP13
               |         S. toromiro H70
               |--+--Ammodendron argenteum CP13
               |  `--+--S. davidii CP13
               |     `--+--S. nuttalliana CP13
               |        `--S. stenophylla CP13
               `--+--S. macrocarpa CP13
                  `--S. sect. Edwardsia C06
                       |--‘Edwardsia’ macnabiana D03
                       |--S. microphylla Ait. 1789 CP13, A61 (see below for synonymy)
                       |    |--S. m. var. microphylla A61
                       |    |--S. m. var. fulvida Allan 1961 A61
                       |    `--S. m. var. longicarinata (Simpson) Allan 1961 [=S. longicarinata Simpson 1942] A61
                       |--S. prostrata Buchan. 1884 C06, A61 (see below for synonymy)
                       `--S. tetraptera Mill. 1780 C06, A61 (see below for synonymy)

Sophora microphylla Ait. 1789 CP13, A61 [=Edwardsia grandiflora var. microphylla Hooker 1852 A61, E. microphylla Salisb. 1808 A61, Sophora tetraptera var. microphylla Hooker 1864 A61; incl. S. chathamica Cockayne 1902 A61]

Sophora prostrata Buchan. 1884 C06, A61 [=Edwardsia prostrata (Buchan.) Oliver 1921 A61, S. tetraptera var. prostrata (Buchan.) Kirk 1899 A61]

Sophora tetraptera Mill. 1780 C06, A61 [=Edwardsia tetraptera (Mill.) Oliver 1921 A61; incl. E. grandiflora Salisb. 1808 A61, Sophora tetraptera var. grandiflora C06]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 27 March 2021.

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