'Lady Stratheden', a horticultural variety of Geum chiloense, from here.

Belongs within: Rosaceae.

The Colurieae is a clade of plants in the Rosaceae supported by molecular analyses. It was defined by Smedmark & Eriksson (2002) as all species more closely related to Fallugia paradoxa than to Rubus caesius, Filipendula vulgaris or Rosa centifolia. Members of the clade are mostly herbaceous perennials with a rosette of imparipinnate leaves and a thick caudex; a few species are small shrubs (Smedmark & Eriksson 2002).

    |--Fallugia paradoxa EH03
    `--+--Waldsteinia EH03
       |    |--*W. geoides EH03
       |    `--W. fragarioides EH03
       `--Geum EH03
            |--G. chiloense PT01
            |--G. elatum var. elatum O88
            |    |--G. e. var. e. f. elatum O88
            |    `--G. e. var. e. f. rubrum O88
            |--G. heterocarpum C55
            |--G. leiospermum Al27
            |--G. magellanicum D03
            |--G. parviflorum An27
            |--G. sikkimense O88
            |--G. uniflorum An27
            `--G. urbanum EH03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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