Male winter crane fly Trichocera garretti, from Alexander (1981).

Belongs within: Diptera.
Contains: Tipulidae.

The Tipulomorpha are a clade of flies uniting the crane flies (Tipulidae) with the winter crane flies (Trichoceridae). Modern members of the lineage lack mandibles, and their wings have R2 joining R1, the stem of M tending to align with M3+4, and 2A very short and submarginal (Blagoderov et al. 2002). Trichoceridae differ from tipulids in the possession of three well-developed ocelli, together with an incomplete transverse suture on the scutum.

<==Tipulomorpha WT11
    |--Vladiptera [Vladipteridae] BLM02
    |    `--V. kovalevi BLM02
    `--+--Tipulidae WT11
       `--+--Gnomuscidae GE05
          `--Trichoceridae [Petauristidae, Trichoceroidea] WT11
               |  i. s.: Mailotrichocera jurassica BLM02
               |         Eotrichocera christinae Kalugina in Kalugina & Kovalev 1985 RJ93
               |--Kawasemyia [Kawasemyiinae] A81
               |--Paracladura [Paracladurinae] K09
               |    `--P. trichoptera A81
               `--Trichocerinae K09
                    |--Diazosma hirtipennis K09
                    |--Nothotrichocera cingulata K09, CM91
                    `--Trichocera K09
                         |  i. s.: T. annulata CM91
                         |         T. brevicornis WT11
                         |         T. columbiana M90
                         |         T. gigantea A81
                         |         T. maculipennis A81
                         |         T. mexicana K09
                         |         T. regelationis A81
                         |         T. saltator K09
                         `--T. (Metatrichocera) A81
                              |--T. (M.) alexanderi A81
                              |--T. (M.) colei A81
                              |--T. (M.) garretti A81
                              |--T. (M.) mackenzie A81
                              |--T. (M.) salmani A81
                              `--T. (M.) ursamajor A81

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 24 December 2020.

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