Dendrolaelaps alongside collembolan, copyright Scott Justis.

Belongs within: Gamasina.

The Digamasellidae are a widespread group of mostly predatory mites though the genus Digamasellus is considered fungivorous. Members of the genera Dendroseius and Dendrolaelaps possess two pairs of light-refractive structures between the setae z5 on the podonotum. Digamasellus species lack setae z3 on the podonotum and have an enlarged anal opening (Evans & Till 1979).

Characters (from Lindquist et al. 2009): Dorsal shield of adults divided; palpi five-segmented, palptarsal apotele two-tined; legs IV usually with seven setae on genu (1 2/1, 2/0 1) and seven on tibia (1 1/1, 2/1 1); anterior portion of female sternal shield and male sternitigenital shield weakly defined; male with sternal setae st5 on separate platelets; female with separate epigynal shield.

<==Digamasellidae [Allolaelaptidae, Dendrolaelapinae] LKW09
    |--Oligodentatus Shcherbak 1980 FH93
    |--Dendroseius Karg 1965 ET79
    |    `--*D. scotarius (Sheals 1958) ET79 (see below for synonymy)
    |--Panteniphis LKW09
    |    |--P. athiasae Hirschmann 1983 G00
    |    `--P. mirandus Willmann 1949 G00
    |--Longoseius Chant 1961 FH93
    |    |--L. (Longoseius) cuniculus Chant 1961 FH93
    |    `--L. (Longoseiulus) brachypodus (Hurlbutt 1967) [=Digamasellus brachypoda] FH93
    |--Insectolaelaps Shcherbak 1980 FH93
    |    |--I. armatus (Hirschmann 1960) [=Dendrolaelaps armatus] FH93
    |    |--I. latoamarmatus Hirschmann & Wiśniewski 1982 FH93
    |    |--I. neoarmatus Hirschmann & Wiśniewski 1982 FH93
    |    `--I. quadrisetus (Berlese 1920) (see below for synonymy) FH93
    |--Dendrolaelaspis Lindquist 1975 FH93
    |    |--D. angulosus (Willmann 1936) [=Digamasellus angulosus] FH93
    |    |--D. baloghi (Hirschmann 1974) [=Dendrolaelaps (Dendrolaelaspis) baloghi FH93
    |    |--D. bregetovae (Shcherbak 1978) [=Dendrolaelaps (Dendrolaelaspis) bregetovae] FH93
    |    |--D. brevisetosus (Shcherbak 1978) [=Dendrolaelaps (Dendrolaelaspis) brevisetosus] FH93
    |    |--D. cienfuegi (Wiśniewski & Hirschmann 1989) [=Dendrolaelaps (Dendrolaelaspis) cienfuegi] FH93
    |    |--D. lindquisti (Shcherbak 1978) [=Dendrolaelaps (Dendrolaelaspis) lindquisti] FH93
    |    `--D. miniangulosus (Shcherbak 1978) [=Dendrolaelaps (Dendrolaelaspis) miniangulosus] FH93
    |--Digamasellus Berlese 1905 ET79
    |    |--D. punctum (Berlese 1904) LKW09, ET79 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--D. australis Lindquist 1975 H98
    |    |--D. cornutus [=Dendrolaelaps cornutus; incl. Gamasellus captator, Cyrtolaelaps captator] S61
    |    |--D. crassipes Schweizer 1961 S61
    |    |--D. inermis (Halbert 1920) [=Gamasellus (Digamasellus) inermis] V25
    |    |--D. lemani Schweizer 1961 S61
    |    |--D. magnituberculatus (Vitzthum 1925) [=Gamasellus (Digamasellus) magnituberculatus] V25
    |    |--D. puntperivi Schweizer 1961 S61
    |    |--D. schauenburgi Schweizer 1961 S61
    |    `--D. variabilis Wiśniewski & Hirschmann 1989 FH93
    |--Multidendrolaelaps Hirschmann 1974 FH93
    |    |--M. bakeri (Hirschman & Wiśniewski 1982) [=Dendrolaelaps (Epistodendrolaelaps) bakeri] FH93
    |    |--M. epistospinosus Shcherbak 1985 FH93
    |    |--M. fossilis (Hirschmann 1971) [=Dendrolaelaps fossilis] FH93
    |    |--M. hurlbutti Shcherbak 1985 [=M. harlbutti] FH93
    |    |--M. inconstans Shcherbak 1985 FH93
    |    |--M. isodentatus (Hurlbutt 1967) [=Digamasellus isodentatus] FH93
    |    |--M. spinosus FH93
    |    |    |--M. s. spinosus FH93
    |    |    `--M. s. elongatus Shcherbak 1985 FH93
    |    |--M. tetraspinosus (Hirschmann 1960) [=Dendrolaelaps tetraspinosus] FH93
    |    |--M. trispinosus Shcherbak 1985 FH93
    |    `--M. ulmi (Hirschmann 1960) [=Dendrolaelaps ulmi] FH93
    |--Pontiolaelaps Luxton 1984 L90
    |    |--*P. crenatus (Luxton 1984) [=Dendrolaelaps (*Pontiolaelaps) crenatus] L90
    |    |--P. salinus Luxton 1989 L90
    |    `--P. terebratus Luxton 1984 L90
    `--Dendrolaelaps Halbert 1915 ET79
         |  i. s.: D. adelaideae Womersley 1954 (see below for synonymy) H98
         |         D. aegypticus E-KO07
         |         D. arenarius Karg 1971 M96
         |         D. euarmatus Hirschmann 1960 K91
         |         D. fukikoae LKW09
         |         D. insignis Hirschmann 1960 K91
         |         D. kargi Hirschmann 1966 H66
         |         D. latior WI89
         |         D. procornutus WI89
         |         D. schusteri Hirschmann 1966 H66
         |         D. unsipinatus LKW09
         |         D. watsoni Hirschmann 1966 H66
         |--D. (Dendrolaelaps) FH93
         |    |--*D. (D.) oudemansi Halbert 1915 ET79 [=Digamasellus oudemansi S61]
         |    |--D. (D.) cylindricus (Berlese 1918) [=Gamasellus (Digamasellus) cylindricus] FH93
         |    |--D. (D.) hurlbutti Hirschmann & Wiśniewski 1982 FH93
         |    |--D. (D.) moseri (Hurlbutt 1967) [=Digamasellus moseri] FH93
         |    `--D. (D.) neocornutus (Hurlbutt 1967) [=Digamasellus neocornutus] FH93
         |--D. (Apophyseodendrolaelaps) FH93
         |    |--D. (A.) neodisetosimilis McGraw & Farrier 1969 FH93
         |    |--D. (A.) neozwoelferi Hirschmann 1983 FH93
         |    `--D. (A.) zwoelferi Hirschmann 1960 FH93
         |--D. (Cornodendrolaelaps) FH93
         |    |--D. (C.) carolinensis McGraw & Farrier 1969 FH93
         |    |--D. (C.) passalorum (Pearse & Wharton in Pearse, Patterson et al. 1936) [=Zercon passalorum] FH93
         |    |--D. (C.) quadritorus (Robillard 1971) [=Digamasellus quadritorus] FH93
         |    |--D. (C.) reticulosus Hirschmann 1960 FH93
         |    `--D. (C.) varipunctatus (Hurlbutt 1967) [=Digamasellus varipunctatus] FH93
         |--D. (Disetodendrolaelaps) FH93
         |    |--D. (D.) disetus Hirschmann 1960 FH93
         |    `--D. (D.) neodisetus (Hurlbutt 1967) [=Digamasellus neodisetus] FH93
         |--D. (Epistodendrolaelaps) manualkrantzi Hirschmann 1983 FH93
         |--D. (Ipidodendrolaelaps) quadrisetosimilis Hirschmann 1960 FH93
         |--D. (Majestidendrolaelaps) majesticus Wiśniewski & Hirschmann 1989 FH93
         |--D. (Presepodendrolaelaps) presepum (Berlese 1918) [=Gamasellus (Digamasellus) presepum] FH93
         |--D. (Punctodendrolaelaps) FH93
         |    |--D. (P.) debilipes (Berlese 1920) [=Gamasellus (Digamasellus) debilipes] FH93
         |    |--D. (P.) fallax (Leitner 1949) [=Digamasellus fallax] FH93
         |    |--D. (P.) louisianae Hirschmann & Wiśniewski 1982 FH93
         |    |--D. (P.) quadricrinis (Berlese 1920) [=Gamasellus (Digamasellus) quadricrinis] FH93
         |    |--D. (P.) rotoni (Hurlbutt 1967) [=Digamasellus rotoni] FH93
         |    `--D. (P.) strenzkei Hirschmann 1960 FH93
         `--D. (Sellinickidendrolaelaps) marylandae (Hurlbutt 1967) [=Digamasellus marylandae] FH93

Dendrolaelaps adelaideae Womersley 1954 [=Cyrtolaelaps adelaideae; incl. D. concinna Womersley 1954, C. concinna] H98

*Dendroseius scotarius (Sheals 1958) ET79 [=Digamasellus scotarius ET79, Di. reticulatus Sheals 1956 (preoc.) ET79, Dendroseius reticulatus M96]

Digamasellus punctum (Berlese 1904) LKW09, ET79 [=Gamasellus (Cyrtolaelaps) punctum FH93; incl. Gamasellus (*Digamasellus) perpusillus Berlese 1905 ET79]

Insectolaelaps quadrisetus (Berlese 1920) [=Gamasellus (Digamasellus) quadrisetus; incl. Dendrolaelaps quadrisetoides Hirschmann & Wiśniewski 1982] FH93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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